Rachel Maddow Show: Clemons on the McChrystal Team Challenge


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— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Rachel Maddow Show: Clemons on the McChrystal Team Challenge

  1. John Waring says:

    Michael Scheuer who knows something about Afghanistan writes the following.
    We Americans are clueless about the Afghanistan.


  2. John Waring says:

    Yes, let’s make this incident into a teaching moment, of the perils of endless war and the resulting corrosion of democratic government. As Bernard Finel has said about the folowing article, you have no better use of the next fifteen minutes of your time.


  3. John Waring says:

    When are we going to address the disparity of power and resources between military staffing and civilian staffing?
    When are we gong to change the “military as proconsul” form of American foreign policy?
    To say outright, or even to hint, that the staffs of two four star generals out man and out gun the Office of the Presidency, the National Security Council, and the State Department, combined, is a staggering admission of the militarization of policy. Hence the gibberish of COIN as national policy. Hence the limitless amount of resources devoted to an area of the world where we have no, I repeat, no long term strategic interests.
    Andrew Bacevich is correct. We Americans are seduced by war. Patrick Lang is correct. Afghanistan has become a self-licking ice cream cone.
    With ten percent unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, an environmental disaster of the first rank in the Gulf, we are bumbling around the Hindu Kush, spending billions blindly, and for what, the greater honor and glory of Helmand Karzai?
    Afghanistan is a colossal misapplication of our nation’s dearest resources. We have got to stop this nonsense. America is ours to fix, not Afghanistan.


  4. Kate Shishkovsky says:

    Again, an excellent presentation, Steve. I’m going to forward this clip to some of my pro-military/anti-Obama contacts to (hopefully) change their thinking on this situation.


  5. DonS says:

    Agree, excellent presentation.
    “Buddy” tag unnecessarily trivializing.


  6. rc says:

    Good effort … cute “buddy” tag at the end … 😉


  7. rambler says:

    When Steve Clemons is on, Steve Clemons is on. He hit this
    McChrystal issue running and put out the facts as they were.
    HuffPost has his piece as their number one top of the column item.
    It’s fun and fascinating to watch how he moves on his court.


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