Panda Intrigue & Obama’s Interview with Al-Arabiya


Pandas Playing.jpgSomeone just sent in this picture — which I share today to commemorate the blanket of snow Washington got today.
The pic reminded me of the Washington National Zoo where one can watch the ‘panda cam‘.
And it also reminded me that my friend John Berry, who has been serving director at the National Zoo, is the new director of the Office of Personnel Management for the Obama administration.
This is good news. Congrats to John.
I’m still wondering what these pandas are doing.
Back to the real world, I will be appearing on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown tonight at about 8:15 pm EST discussing with Keith the very surprising and refreshing decision by President Barack Obama to give his first formal television interview to a leading Arabic network, Al-Arabiya.
I have just spent about 45 minutes on Al-Arabiya discussing the Obama Al-Arabiya interview. Fascinating back story about how the White House moved this.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Panda Intrigue & Obama’s Interview with Al-Arabiya

  1. K says:

    These are the pandas China sent to Hong Kong not long ago. They’re set to go on display some time soon, and the usual panda-viewing frenzy is expected.
    The picture was taken a few years ago, and it’s part of an absolutely adorable series of this pair enjoying snow. I’d do a link to the others on the net, but I’m damned if I can find them right now.


  2. Don Bacon says:

    Well, it helps to know the Pandas’ names. The bottom one is America and the top one is Israel.


  3. Dan Kervick says:

    It looks like one of the pandas is giving the other panda a boost so that it can get whatever is at the top of that pole.
    Or else it is a somewhat awkward position for panda oral-anal sex.


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