O’Biden & St. Patty’s Day


O'Bama 2.jpg

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.  I’m not really all that into this festive day but I can be dragged along to get into the fun now and then.  That said, A friend has been wearing this O’Bama shirt all day today.

And what it makes me think of is Sarah Palin as depicted in the film Game Change repeatedly saying “O’Biden.”

I really, really want a green O’Biden shirt, coffee mug, refrigerator magnet, bumper sticker. . .And to be totally balanced, I’d enjoy some O’Romney paraphernalia too.  Someone get Cafe Press on it.

Happy St. Patrick’s to all of the O’Bidens and all of you!

— Steve Clemons is Washington Editor at Large at The Atlantic. Clemons can be followed on Twitter at @SCClemons


A reader sends in this note that is well informed about the abbreviation battles sounding St. Patrick’s Day:

This was always St. Paddy’s day (short for Padraic or
Padraig) until recently, when it turned into St. Patty’s Day for reasons
I don’t understand.  I thought that you would be interested in this
clarification, complete with the rolling Twitter feed at the bottom.



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