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Daniel Levy is one of a handful of people who really could move the Palestinians and Israelis (and Americans, and Europeans, and Russians, and UN bureaucrats, and Saudis, Syrians, and Jordanians) towards a negotiated comprehensive deal establishing a Palestinian state that doesn’t undermine Israel’s national security.
He is a great friend and colleague of mine at the New America Foundation and Century Foundation and has just launched his own personal blog, Prospects for Peace. The title isn’t my style. I’m more of an edgy and dark Beyond War type and find that I’m at my most cynical when I hear flowery stuff — but Levy is a visionary who does see in his head and politically a different Middle East arrangement that is more stable — but he has strong currents of realism in him as well.
The new blog is a gusher when it comes to informed commentary on Israel/Palestine affairs, and I recommend it highly.
— Steve Clemons


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