Musharraf’s Move


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Pervez Musharraf’s move today — his resignation — is the right one for Pakistan. An impeachment process, now avoided, might have further shaken up and aggravated serious, nation-splitting tensions between factions in the military, legal community, and among the competing political parties.
However, Musharraf’s enemies now have a problem. They have no enemy to rally against inside the country (they seemingly don’t want to rally against al Qaeda inspired and Talibanized parts of the nation).
Musharraf’s rivals now need to be “for” something rather than just against him. Hopefully, the competing parties will continue to collaborate on taking on huge challenges facing the nation — but their record is not good.
Enemies, internal and external, make life for a Pakistani political order so much easier.
— Steve Clemons
P.S. — I am in San Francisco today doing some personal stuff. I won’t be on line much today.


11 comments on “Musharraf’s Move

  1. Zahid says:

    How can some foreigner comment on internal situation of Pakistan? I mean, two years back this guy said Musharraf’s resignation was a good step for Pakistan. And two years later, today, Pakistan is going to hell in the hands of democrats with national income dropped from 7 percent to 2 percent. Employment has come down and VAT going 2 percent high. Qualified guys leaving families and settling in Arab countries to earn a living. Long live Musharraf. We really miss him.


  2. BIl says:

    Sorry Meir, we r not in a party-pooper mood here considering
    the occasion*#@! but let me try and combine my answers here
    since this is serious (seriously).
    Will Musharraf take exile at the Bush Ranch in Texas or Bush
    Ranch in South America?
    Does Musharraf’s contract stipulate he “hire” a set number of
    Blackwater Security Guards/Contractors?
    and/or funnel a minimum 10% back through the Neocon New
    American Century Network or backdoor Kissinger off the books?
    Is is true that Musharraf’s Swiss Bank Account # is 666-666-
    666? Or is that the SAME three accounts-East-West-Here?
    Can we start a write-in campaign for Condi-The-Incompetent
    as Musharraf’s replacement? She can play the piano…


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    This is clearly a case of ‘Panda-ing’ for votes.
    He almost can’t Bear to resign.


  4. Meir Javedanfar says:

    Mazal Tov Steve and please allow me to be the first boring person here by actually posting a relevant comment to your entry. Sorry guys.
    The question which should now be asked is: how does Musharaf’s resignation impact the fight against the Taliban in northern Pakistan? Will his resignation make dealing with Islamabad easier for Washington? Will it lead to less Pakistani intervention in Pakistan? I think there won’t be that much difference. I hope people on this forum would correct me.


  5. Bil says:

    Yes, SECOND on all those congrats and good wishes Steve.
    Make time for the ferry to Sausalito and a drive through the REAL
    wine country, Russian River/Alexander Valley and be sure to drive
    up 128 to Mendicino and back down on 1 if you have time.
    Very romantic and Very little cell signal- refreshing.


  6. K says:

    How come shits like Musharraf get to hold pandas, and I can’t? Dammit, life is just way too unfair.


  7. Your Friends says:

    A Wedding song for you and yours from all of who visit with you here.
    Congratulations on this glorious occasion.


  8. Gavin says:



  9. lurker says:

    Steve, you have had a hell of a great week here at TWN. You deserve more than a day off.


  10. Andy says:

    Congratulations on your Fran Sanfrisco marriage, Steve.
    To bad you could not have tied the knot in any State, but that day’s coming one day.
    Ellen married in LA this weekend, so glad to see you both step forward and show commitment.
    Thanks, from all of us, and have a sweet time today.


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