Media Alert: Talking All Things Chuck Hagel at 5:10 pm EST on MSNBC Hardball


hardball-with-chris-matthews-9.jpgFor those glued to news on Boxing Day, I’ll be joining TIME International Editor Jim Frederick to discuss the “borking” of various White House potential nominees on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

For those interested, here are two Washington Roundup pieces of those for and against Hagel’s potential nomination as Obama’s Secretary of Defense: first & second.  Here too is an interesting response to questions I posed to military writer and analyst Tom Ricks.

Those included in the roundups beyond Tom Ricks are Leslie Gelb, David Frum, Ambassador James Hormel, Hattie Babbitt, Robert Dreyfuss, Bing West, Adam Garfinkle, Ari Melber, Senator Charles Schumer, David Rothkopf, Dan Glickman, Stephen Walt, Paul Pillar, Thomas Fingar, David Boaz, and Jeffrey Laurenti.

Here as well is a piece I have also written on Hagel’s views about gays and lesbians serving in the military — as well as another highlighting two Democratic and two Republican national security advisers defending Hagel from the smear campaign run against him.

The time is scheduled for about 5:10 pm EST.

— Steve Clemons


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