Media Alert: Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Nuclear Posture Review


keith_olbermann_068-thumb-368x278.jpg Tonight I’ll be joining MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olbermann near the top of the hour, around 8:05 pm EST, for a discussion of President Obama’s Nuclear Posture Review.
There is a lot of news today.
The horrific West Virginia disaster at a Massey Energy coal mine run by someone who allegedly spit at sensible regulation is a big deal.
The Comcast win over the Federal Communications Commission on net neutrality is also a big deal.
A serious death threat against Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) because of her support of health care reform legislation when critics like Sarah Palin and others are regularly using gun and marksman symbols for attacking Dems is a big deal.
But Barack Obama and his team have shown that they had a lot going on behind the scenes while the health care deal-making was going on.
This Nuclear Posture Review is a deft piece of work that puts serious pressure on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty holdouts while at the same time establishing US protocols that make the fear of use of nuclear weapons subside. There is much more to this Nuclear Posture Review that I think is excellent and will get in to later — but don’t put me in the meekly supportive column on this Obama achievement.
And no more RRW (reliable, replaceable warheads) drama for a while.
The Obama NPR is actually, to paraphrase our incumbent Vice President, “a big Fxxking Deal.”
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Media Alert: Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Nuclear Posture Review

  1. John Waring says:

    Who may be the nuclear non-proliferation treaty holdouts? And yes I pray serious and unremitting pressure be brought to bear. An icy reception at the White House, a hint to abstain from the usual security council veto, now pressure on the non-proliferation front. Dare I hope a plan is coming together?


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