Media Alert: Countdown with Keith Olbermann on the Cheney Crowd’s Frustration about Obama’s Nobel


keith olbermann twn.jpgThis evening at 8:15 pm Eastern time, I’ll be in Countdown with Keith Olbermann discussing Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and how crazy it has made some of America’s leading pugnacious nationalists, particularly Liz Cheney.
Some background reading: My CNN piece on the subject. A first and second response from the reasonable opposition at Powerline.
My response — and then theirs. These folks showed how to have a debate with humor and civility.
And then Liz Cheney’s comments. And Josh Marshall gets Liz on her critique/slip comparing how Obama “ruled” America contrasted with the Bush/Cheney years.
8:15 pm EST — and then again at 10:15 pm EST.
— Steve Clemons


12 comments on “Media Alert: Countdown with Keith Olbermann on the Cheney Crowd’s Frustration about Obama’s Nobel

  1. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi says:

    There may be some reservations(as have been shown by some people regarding the Nobel Peace committee ‘s decision of awarding President Obama the Nobel peace award.I have already expressed my view on this, here, I would like to add that there is no second opinion in saying that making prompt course of practical endowments in the arena of peace still seems a challenge for the US President.
    And undoubtedly, the quest for durable peace in Afghanistan is the natural desire of the international community. Since President Obama has shown his positive proclivities in terms of making pacifist initiatives regarding Mideast and the Iranian nuclear problem, it is alsso an imperative need of time that the US administration should adopt such a policy- in Afghanistan (ultimately with the support of the Pakistani government)-that may reduce tensions in the region.Sending more and more troops to Afghanistan,seems no real solution to the Afghan
    problem.To become a paragon of world- peace the US President needs to rediscover the positive exit strategy,thereby dully analyzing the needs of focusing on dialogue and development both in Afghanistan and the tribal area of Pakistan.


  2. CathiefromCanada says:

    Americans should be proud of their president for winning this award. And yes, he deserves it, he has changed the playing field internationally and the world respects America again. As much as I like and admire Hillary Clinton, if she has been elected President I do not think she could have demonstrated the international leadership and courage that Obama has shown even in such a short time.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I see Olberman is whispering to us….
    “Shhhhhh, we don’t talk about Israel on MSNBC, unless its complimentary”


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “So outreach to the Muslim world, calling for the eventual abolition of nuclear weapons, calling for a freeze to Jewish occupation settlements, acknowledgement that Palestinians and their rights and needs are the other half of that equation, and generally extending an open hand instead of a clinched fist to a clearly grateful world – these don’t count?”
    NO, they don’t, when they are immediately followed by actual ACTIONS that show these lofty ambitions as simple posturing. Obama showed complete and utter weakness in the face of Israel’s arrogance about the settlements. And not only did he show the world that weakness, he also showed his own party that they could run roughshod over his policy advocations. Reid and Hoyer showed the world that Obama has no teeth in his leadership. Further he has now agreed to maintain the status quo about Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which shows a lack of even handedness in our negotiations with Iran about their nuclear program. He is nattering some horseshit about stopping proliferation, while doing NOTHING about Israel’s arsenal. Its folly. It spits right in Iran’s face. Then, to put icing on the posture cake, the damned fool seeks to bury the Goldstone Report. Basically, he has shown the world that;
    A)Israel calls the shots, and Obama will not stand his ground. And even if he had the guts to stand his ground, his own party would pull the rug out from underneath him.
    B)Our attempts to stop Iran’s nuclear program is just more fucking cowtowing to Israel, because we are willing to overlook Israel’s arsenal while punishing Iran for its LEGAL nuclear program.
    C)And perhaps the worst of all, he has shown the world that Israel can commit horrendous war crimes and human rights abuses, subsidized and armed by us, and not be held accountable. It shows the world that his “outreach to Muslims” is insincere horseshit. To stand mute while Israel incinerated Palestinian women and children, and to now seek to hide the evidence of such crimes, is despicable, and truly makes me ashamed of my president, and my country. Obama is a fraud, a posturing empty suit. And the Nobel Peace Prize has been devalued, severely, through being awarded to such a person.


  5. Alex says:

    As a woman, I for one am very, very proud of the Norwegians for recognizing Obama’s deep commitment to global peace and his steps toward achieving it. Not one other person on earth has advanced the cause of peace more than he has, even though it is yet to come to fruition (and being a realist a la Steve Clemons, probably never will completely.) One exception is the reformers in Iran, but the presidential election was 4 months after the deadline. I will send hopes and prayers to Oslo for recognition of their efforts next year. That would be most powerful, I think.
    Just saw you on Countdown, Steve; you were as succinct and precise and right on as ever.
    Okay, thus ends the Steve *ss-kissing session…back to our regular programming.


  6. WigWag says:

    On MSNBC tonight Steve Clemons suggested that the “pugnacious attitude” displayed by many Republicans who are ridiculing the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama came from what he called “Jesse Helmsianism.”
    Fair enough; he might be right. But why didn’t Steve explain the motivations for the ridicule coming from left wing pundits, politicians and Obama supporters?
    Are we supposed to believe that they are acolytes of the Jesse Helms philosophy too?


  7. samuelburke says:

    What follows is the text of former President Barack Obama’s
    farewell address, which he delivered before departing in the
    interstellar battlecruiser that had landed near the Washington
    Monument on Friday morning:
    I am both surprised and deeply humbled by the decision of the
    Directorate of the Milky Way to honor me by naming me Galactic
    Let me be clear. I do not view my apotheosis as Supreme
    Imperator of the Nine Million Subjugated Planets as a
    recognition of my own accomplishments.
    Rather, it is an affirmation of Milky Wayling leadership on behalf
    of aspirations held by sentient life-forms across the entire local
    cluster of galaxies.
    To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company
    of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored
    by the Galactic Overlordship, the men, the women, the self-
    fertilizing clones, the androids, the telepathic hive minds, and
    the cybernetic avatars who’ve inspired me (during the half hour
    I’ve been aware of their existence) and inspired the entire galaxy
    through their courageous pursuit of extending the Milky Way’s
    hegemony over the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.
    But I also know that my aggrandizement reflects the kind of
    cosmos that all Milky Waylings want to build, a trans-galactic
    imperium that gives life to the promise of our founding
    documents, such as, uh, that gold-plated recording of Johnny B.
    Goode that Carl Sagan shot out of the solar system on a space
    probe … plus, no doubt, some other stuff.
    And I know (at least since my conversation with Grand Vizier
    Xzqhtpv fifteen minutes ago) that throughout history the
    Overlordship has not just been used to honor specific
    achievement; it’s also been used as a means to give momentum
    to a set of causes, such as the utter enslavement and/or
    annihilation of the Andromeda Galaxy.
    And that is why I will accept exaltation to Supreme Imperator, as
    I’ve accepted so many promotions in the past, not just as a
    convenient career move, not merely as a way to continue to fail
    upward (although I do wish to extend my sincerest hope to the
    Altgeld Gardens community that somebody will finally get them
    organized for a change; yet, let us never forget, I did help get
    some of the asbestos removed), but as a call to action, a call for,
    uh … can we back up the Teleprompter here? … a call for all
    higher species to confront the common challenges facing the
    Galactic Empire in its 3,452nd eon of prepotency.
    And to those doubters who whisper that I’m no more qualified
    for my new responsibilities than I was to chair the Chicago
    Annenberg Challenge, that my tenure as Galactic Overlord will
    prove as ineffectual as all my previous careers at accomplishing
    anything besides stoking my vanity, that I will soon require yet
    another promotion to sidestep the looming consequences of my
    inevitable mediocrity at my latest job, let me remind them that
    David Axelrod is already spinning my image in infinite parallel
    Edited by Steve Sailer


  8. ... says:

    the cheney crowd – that would include nadine and wigwag anyway, lol….


  9. samuelburke says:

    here is what i say…what the hell is the difference if obama wins
    the nobel for peace if he doesnt bring our soldiers home and if
    he keeps bombing the afghanys and the pakis from the air via
    drone wars…
    i love the way these media clowns play up the one side vs the
    other side while holding no accounting over the real issue.
    peace is peace, and a child can tell you what it means, in case
    you have forgoten that there is such a thing as truth.
    in 1984 you can play these idiot word games but there is no
    follow through if the words arent followed by action.
    what a tangle web were in.


  10. David says:

    If I remember correctly, a North Korean ship with undisclosed, suspicious cargo had to return to North Korea because of a UN requirement that any nation at which it docked was required to determine its cargo. And I have the impression that Barack Obama and his UN ambassador Susan Rice had something to do with that (see this past Sunday’s PARADE MAGAZINE).
    And until it became de riguer to trash Obama for just giving lofty speeches, I used to hear about how important it was for the President of the United States to use the bully pulpit to advance important causes. So outreach to the Muslim world, calling for the eventual abolition of nuclear weapons, calling for a freeze to Jewish occupation settlements, acknowledgement that Palestinians and their rights and needs are the other half of that equation, and generally extending an open hand instead of a clinched fist to a clearly grateful world – these don’t count? And from whence the various self-appointed determiners of what the Nobel Peace Prize is for or to whom it should be given? Aside from Alfred Nobel’s original statement of purpose, what besides the nominees set forth by the nominating committee and the choice made through the selection process is there to determine who should receive it? So some people don’t like the choice, some people don’t think Obama is an American citizen, and some people don’t think the Nobel committee knows what it is doing. So what? It’s a hell of an honor extended to the United States under its current POTUS, and represents both a very clear sigh of relief and gratitude and a very clear sign of hope for the future with Obama in the White House.
    Untwist your knickers, people.


  11. WigWag says:

    I would like to nominate Katerina Simons, a postdoctoral fellow in the Economics Department at Yale University for next year’s Nobel Prize in economics.
    For those who aren’t familiar with academic nomenclature, a postdoctoral fellow is a person who has achieved a doctoral degree and is ready to do academic research under the guidance of an established faculty member. The fellow is still technically considered a student though they may have one or two publications in peer reviewed academic journals under their belt, usually in collaboration with a more senior author. Postdoctoral fellows are just embarking on their academic careers; they are not yet ready to join the university faculty but they hope that when their postdoctoral research is completed that they will be able to compete for a tenure track position at a college or university.
    Let me tell you how I found Dr. Simons’ name. I went to Google and I searched on “postdoctoral fellows in economics.” Hundreds of entries came up and I selected one at random; that’s how I became acquainted with Dr. Simons.
    Dr. Simons is interested in “risk management” and “Bank Regulation” and the Yale Economics Department website lists her interests as “Finance” and Microeconomics.”
    Dr. Simons is listed as the primary author on very few important papers in academic journals and she herself would probably be dumbstruck to hear that she had been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics.
    Let me tell you why I think Dr. Simons should be selected by the Nobel selection committee. I think that it is conceivable that someday, Dr. Simons could make extraordinary contributions to the field of economics. It is entirely possible that at some point in the future she will postulate an incredibly important academic theory; write an earth shattering academic paper or provide the explanation of some heretofore mysterious economic phenomenon.
    In light of the fact that the Nobel Committee is now giving out prizes on an anticipatory basis for accomplishments that might someday be made, I think Dr. Simons is the perfect candidate to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics.
    Congratulations Dr. Simons.
    What a great way to start your career!


  12. nadine says:

    Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for attitudinizing. He hasn’t done anything to help world peace, and he certainly hadn’t done anything by Feb 1 except get inaugurated.
    This Peace Prize was greated with incredulity and regarded as farcical by many people, in no way confined to Lyz Cheney or the conservative right.Even Eleanor Clift is raising the spectre of killer rabbits. This all plays into the unearned gradiosity of Obama’s persona in the worst way.


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