Matt Yglesias Deserves Better


This is a hilarious video interview with super-blogger Matthew Yglesias who just didn’t get the treatment he deserves at YearlyKos.
Then I did a video interview talking about my encounter with Peter Beinart over what we’d tell the next President about U.S. foreign policy if we had five minutes.
Here is Juan Cole on anotther TMPtv video interview. Check out Juan Cole’s new book as well, Napoleon’s Egypt: Invading the Middle East.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Matt Yglesias Deserves Better

  1. Steve Clemons says:

    POA — I think you have misunderstood my point about the AIPAC annual meeting, which I did attend as a member of the media. The meaning of my post and TMPtv comment was that I was heartened to see something as vibrant and big on the political left — and as enthusiastic — as what I witnessed at the AIPAC session. best, Steve Clemons


  2. Whitey Manchurian says:

    First, allow me to recommend the book ‘Zen and the Art of Road Rage’ by Cletus Cob. Deeply insightful and worlds of relevant for today’s post 9/11/01, neoconservative pyschosis tinged, and politically unhinged troubled times. Second, Daily Kos/Yearly Kos or Democratic sponsored sites are ONLY concerned with issues and candidates exclusively Democratic. They will countenance only “friendly” types and will never, nah never, abide criticism, snide remarks, or an “unfriendly” challenge. Kos and cohorts are hypocrites and full of the old pasture spread. (bulls*@t)
    Lastly, allow me the opportunity to suggest that America consider a split party ticket in the upcoming presidential marathon- how about Ron Paul and Gen. Wes Clark? I mean think about it, this tandem could very well be a winner for America and the American people and do for America’s global standing what ANY of the current crop of political posers will NEVER EVER be able to do. That would include Hill the Shill Clinton and that ugly dress she wore last night.


  3. Sandy says:

    Glenn Greenwald is as outraged as we are about what the DEMOCRATS have been doing:
    Saturday August 4, 2007 11:39 EST
    Democrats’ responsibility for Bush radicalism
    It is staggering, and truly disgusting, that even in August, 2007 — almost six years removed from the 9/11 attacks and with the Bush presidency cemented as one of the weakest and most despised in American history — that George W. Bush can “demand” that the Congress jump and re-write legislation at his will, vesting in him still greater surveillance power, by warning them, based solely on his say-so, that if they fail to comply with his demands, the next Terrorist attack will be their fault. And they jump and scamper and comply….
    …the endless expansion of executive power and presidential lawbreaking….
    With each day that passes, the radicalism and extremism originally spawned in secret by the Bush presidency becomes less and less his fault and more and more the fault of those who — having discovered what they have been doing and having been given the power to stop it — instead acquiesce to it and, worse, enable and endorse it….”


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    WTF!!!???? Why in God’s name would these sons of bitches in the Senate vote to give Bush and Gonzales increased spying powers?
    And what going on with Rice’s subpoena? Does this bitch get to say “fuck you” to Congress with nary a peep from these cowards in the Democratic party?
    Wake up America.


  5. Carroll says:

    Posted by PissedOffAmerican at August 4, 2007 12:27 PM
    We need an APAC (AmericanPAC). When is someone going to do THE BOOK…on how all the “hyphened” -Americans have undermined America and national unity. Sounds like a project to me. Of course the subject of the non assimilated and government by a gaggle of hyphens would be labeled racist I am sure.


  6. Carroll says:

    Here’s another book recommended by Cole:
    The only questions for politicans and candidates is …are they stupid and don’t get it?..or don’t they care what they have to kill and spend to try and be supreme rulers of the universe?
    Advance comments on William Polk’s “Violent Politics”:
    “There will be few more important books for the next president of the United States to read than William Polk’s Violent Politics — a brilliant comparative analysis by an experienced American scholar-diplomat of insurgent movements over three centuries. The conclusion of Polk’s study is devastating, and can affect the politics of 2008.” John Brademas, President Emeritus, New York University, former member for twenty-two years of the U.S. House of Representatives
    “Dr. Polk’s book is a vivid illustration of how, time after time, major military powers have failed in their objectives because they became viewed as occupiers.” Congressman John Murtha (D-Pa) is chairman of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee,
    “This wise history-grounded book analyzes a dozen guerrilla wars from the American Revolution to Iraq, and in a brilliant conclusion, Dr. Polk lays out the enormous human and financial costs of trying to impose a foreign solution on people who do not want to be controlled by outsiders. A must-read for all thinking Americans.” Former Senator George S. McGovern
    “Based on impressive research and decades of professional experience, Dr. Polk compares a dozen or more insurgencies of the past two centuries. He concludes that they share a universal characteristic–opposition to foreign rulers…Polk’s book is full of arresting analogies and adroit comparisons, ranging over several continents, as occupiers confront terrorists.” Thomas L. Hughes, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, President Emeritus of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    “William Polk’s masterful and succinct history of eleven insurgent wars is the best available antidote to the U.S. counterinsurgency strategy in Iraq that de-couples war and politics. Polk re-couples them through the prism of historical experience.” William E. Odom, Lieutenant General, USA, Retired
    “This is a ‘must-read’ for all U.S. policy-makers, the media, and the general public, if we are to get American foreign policy back on track and prevent the misnamed ‘Global War on Terror’ from destroying what defines us affirmatively, as Americans, in the global community.” Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-Ca), is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
    “William Polk, in a sweeping insightful review of the history of insurgencies (back to the American Revolution), explains why and how those who come to be seen as occupiers and oppressors invariably fail.” Dr. Landrum Bolling, former president of the Lilly Foundation, Director-at-Large, Mercy Corps.
    “Absolutely superb.” John V. Whitbeck, Noted international lawyer and author.
    “William Polk’s book is particularly relevant for Americans today to better understand the reactions of foreign nations to American foreign policy initiatives.” John Gunther Dean, former Regional Director in Vietnam of CORDS and US ambassador to the Khmer Republic, Denmark, Lebanon, Thailand, and India.
    “With an extensive global look at the history of insurgency – and its tactics of terrorism and guerrilla warfare – Violent Politics provokes informed dialogue and a re-evaluation of American policy toward extremist threats. A critical read.” Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.
    I am looking for a book on tactical aspects of insurgency…..we are occupied by foreign power in Washington and are gonna need to start our own insurgency pretty soon.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Which club does Steve belong to? Would he tell us?
    AIPAC Clubs give pro-Israel activists the chance to participate in exclusive events in Washington, D.C. and around the nation, to meet with America’s top political leaders, to travel around the globe, and much more. With six clubs available, AIPAC offers opportunities for participation at every level.
    In addition to the exclusive benefits offered by each club, members of every club have access to exciting benefits: invitations to exclusive events in their communities, featuring members of Congress, Israeli diplomats, political pundits, and other key figures; members-only e-mail briefings covering the latest news and events; and, participation in conference calls with AIPAC’s senior leadership to discuss pressing issues of the day.
    The Washington Club
    The Washington Club is the perfect starting point for people who want to take the next step in their pro-Israel activism.
    In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, Club members attend special events designed specifically with them in mind during the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. These programs feature some of America’s most important policy makers, key political personalities as well as diplomats, statesmen and authors. The Washington Club requires a minimum annual contribution of $1,500.
    To learn more about joining The Washington Club, e-mail AIPAC at
    The Capitol Club
    Members of the Capitol Club are given an opportunity to deepen their political involvement by attending AIPAC’s National Summit, taking place in 2007 in Philadelphia Oct. 28-29.
    The National Summit, held in a retreat-like setting in a different major American city or resort area each fall, features leading members of Congress and other policymakers, key Israeli diplomats and top political pundits. The Gala Congressional Dinner honors elected officials from the region where the Summit is being held, giving Capitol Club members a unique opportunity to mix and mingle with political leaders and luminaries.
    Capitol Club members also are invited to prestigious events during the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., including a members-only reception that attracts half the Senate, one third of the House of Representatives and scores of administration officials. The Capitol Club requires a minimum annual contribution of $3,600.
    To learn more about joining The Capitol Club, e-mail AIPAC at
    The Senate Club
    Members of the Senate Club are invited to AIPAC’s National Summit, taking place October 28-29 in Philadelphia, and to the elegant Senate Club Dinner Oct. 27.
    The Senate Club’s semi-annual Mission to Israel takes AIPAC involvement to a new level.
    The Mission is more than just a trip – it’s a life-changing experience that exposes participants to a side of Israel few ever see. Participants learn about Israel’s security fence while walking the route, mingle with Knesset members, hear firsthand from soldiers, meet with top journalists, and sit down with the country’s leaders.
    Club members also experience the AIPAC Policy Conference from reserved seating and can choose from up to 50 “Scholars in Residence” sessions. Senate Club members are invited to special events that allow them to dine among acclaimed artistic masterpieces or in the homes of our nation’s leaders.
    The Senate Club requires a minimum annual contribution of $10,000.
    To learn more about joining The Senate Club, e-mail AIPAC at
    The President’s Cabinet
    President’s Cabinet members don’t simply learn about the most important foreign policy issues facing Israel and America – they personally explore them through travel to far corners of the world.
    Participants in the President’s Cabinet semi-annual missions have seen India through the lens of its evolving relationship with the Jewish State and debated Europe’s Middle East policies with the people who shaped them in Brussels.
    Other missions have included travel to Turkey, Poland and the Czech Republic. No matter what the destination, each mission includes conversations with top officials in Israel and world leaders in at least one other country.
    President’s Council members also receive all of the benefits of The Senate Club, including participation in AIPAC’s annual events and invitations to special events. The President’s Cabinet requires a minimum annual contribution of $25,000.
    To learn more about joining The President’s Cabinet, e-mail AIPAC at
    The Chairman’s Council
    Chairman’s Council members go behind the scenes and meet face-to-face with the men and women making news and shaping our world.
    Chairman’s Council members have had their pictures taken and mingled with leaders such as President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel and many others.
    Members also receive all of the benefits of The President’s Cabinet – including foreign travel and participation in exclusive programming during AIPAC’s annual events. The Chairman’s Council requires a minimum annual contribution of $36,000.
    To learn more about joining The Chairman’s Council, e-mail AIPAC at
    The Minyan
    The Minyan is AIPAC’s most exclusive club – an elite circle of several hundred of AIPAC’s most dedicated members.
    Members get to know the personalities behind the politics. During unique events such as the AIPAC Minyan Mission to Washington, D.C, members interact up-close with leaders making America’s policy.
    Past Minyan Missions have included a private dinner with Vice President Dick Cheney, closed-door White House briefings with the President’s top foreign policy advisors and breakfast with congressional committee chairs.
    Members have mingled with President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, and many others. Minyan Members enjoy all of the opportunities of the Chairman’s Council, with even more exclusive access. These benefits include reserved seating and a special concierge service during AIPAC’s Policy Conference, invitations to memorable members-only events, and exclusive briefings with AIPAC’s President and Executive Director. The Minyan requires a minimum annual contribution of $100,000.
    To learn more about joining The Minyan Club, e-mail AIPAC at


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Hey Steve, you gonna attend this? Maybe you better, you might need an updated list of what candidates its allright for you to discuss here.
    The town known as America’s cradle of liberty will play host to this fall’s AIPAC National Summit in Philadelphia October 28-29, 2007.
    Pro-Israel leaders from all over the nation will gather for the annual Summit as Israel continues to face some of the most daunting challenges of her almost 60 years. Top speakers addressing the Summit include Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Senators Robert P. Casey, Jr. and Arlen Specter, former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman, and political commentators Paul Begala, Donna Brazile, William Kristol and David Horovitz. The National Summit is reserved exclusively for members of AIPAC’s Capitol Club, Senate Club, President’s Cabinet, Chairman’s Council or Minyan.


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