Maryland Polls to Stay Open For An Extended 90 Minutes


Weather in Maryland is very bad right now. Bridges are shut down all around Baltimore, Annapolis, Chestertown, and the broader Eastern Shore.
So the State of Maryland where I occasionally reside has decided to get CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other network pundits some overtime pay by keeping the polls open an extended 90 minutes.
Two races I care about at the primary level are incumbent Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD-01) in the Republican House race — and Donna Edwards in the MD-04 Democratic Primary.
I saw Gilchrest yesterday morning campaigning in 15 degree weather at an Eastern Shore DC commuter bus stop — and TWN‘s good friend, the progressive activist and blogging guru Matt Stoller, is out in the miserable weather tonight canvassing for Donna Edwards.
Good luck to both Edwards and Gilchrest — both of whom are enlightened about the need to move in a different foreign policy course than we are currently on.
— Steve Clemons


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