Maggie Williams May be Big Winner


maggie williams twn.jpgI’ve talked to both Obama and Clinton campaign staffers tonight — and both acknowledge that tonight’s results were another amazing twist in an exhausting marathon battle between two compelling personalities in the Democratic party.
But serious Obama strategists say that the “big difference” in the Clinton operation was her campaign’s “ground game.” They said Patti Solis Doyle not only poorly organized the Clinton campaign in the early stages — but somewhat flamboyantly exposed their vulnerabilities, particularly in caucus states which Doyle ignored.
Everyone I spoke with tonight — on the Obama and Clinton team — about the campaign’s management said that newly appointed campaign director Maggie Williams pulled off Clinton’s seeming bounce back.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Maggie Williams May be Big Winner

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Williams is someone who deserves to have her insight elevated in party decisions, regardless of the outcome these two pursue.


  2. Tahoe Editor says:

    I love this one-sided coin some BO folks keep showing us.
    FACT: Barack plagiarized Hillary’s “red phone” ad (in which there is no red phone) right down to the same images, the same sound clips and the same “dangerous world” narrative. Then he outspent her 2-to-1, doubling down on the fear-mongering. And it failed.
    On to Pennsyltucky!


  3. Mike Claussen says:

    I believe the Clinton team can thank their rather suspiciously placed Nafta/Canada report and the truth-less Red Phone ad, along with her sweat kisses towards John McCain for her victories. If Ms Williams is responsible for all that, she takes the Karl Rove trophy for lowering the bar in politics. By the way, if your dogs decided to throw their dog bones towards Clinton, they may be just a bit myopic in their own wonkish way. Still eager for your daily comments, Mike


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