Baltimore: The Folly of Attacking Iran


If folks are free this evening and local, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion at 7 pm EST with former New York Times correspondent and All the Shah’s Men author Stephen Kinzer and Treacherous Alliance author Trita Parsi at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

I don’t think we are anywhere near a premeditated attack on Iran — so the forum may be moot, but it will be a good chance to discuss other broad strategic challenges. We’ll be in Shriver Hall.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Baltimore: The Folly of Attacking Iran

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    It looks from glance like Iran’s leader got Iraq to call dubya’s bluff and left the taxpayer and Federal Reserve footing the bill for their neighbor’s private takeover of some market sector institutions and their capital.
    Just one more way China end runs the market structures and continues expanding its influence.
    Iraq and Iran, shaking hands. The bottle of perfume stolen from the Niger embassy. A symbolic gift, traditionally given for Persian weddings.


  2. Carroll says:

    Since the NIE came out I have thought there was less chance of this adm attacking Iran….but on the other hand who can doubt that this adm wouldn’t ignore it and attack Iran as a parting gift to the next Prez.


  3. stephens says:

    Yes, that Esquire story is unnerving. Way to be on top of things, Steve.


  4. jon says:

    That hasn’t stopped any number of neocons from trying to gin up an attack over the slenderest provocations. Keep whacking that beehive with a stick and you just might get a reaction.


  5. Sandy says:

    Wow, I just read…over at Think (or com)…..that there’s a new Esquire article coming out about Adm. Fallon losing his CentCom job….BECAUSE he has refused to bomb Iran.
    That it may mean Bush/Cheney want to do it before the year’s out. The old martial law/no election gambit.
    Good Grief! This will be very timely, then, Steve. Looking forward to hearing more. I’d put nothing past these criminals!


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