London Expels Mossad Chief in UK


Assassinations have their costs, and the UK is penalizing Israel for the Mossad’s use of British passports in the assassination in Dubai of Hamas military leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.
UK Foreign Minister David Miliband has been particularly incensed by the Mossad’s alleged actions and will be addressing Parliament on Tuesday regarding the expulsion.
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— Steve Clemons


19 comments on “London Expels Mossad Chief in UK

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    From a “Foreign Policy Magazine” email…..
    Obama and Netanyahu meet amid new construction dispute
    Top news:
    A high-profile U.S.-Israel meeting has again been overshadowed by new Israeli construction plans. Just minutes before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Barack Obama in Washington last night, the municipality of Jerusalem announced the approval of a plan to construct 20 new appartments for Jews in an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. The U.S. government had demanded that the project be suspended when it was initially approved last July.
    The latest announcement is reminiscent of Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel earlier this month, during which Israel announced the construction of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem. Jerusalem officials say that yesterdays’s approval was just a procedural measure for a plan that has been in place for months and that opponents are blowing it out of proportion to create trouble during Netanyahu’s visit. But opposition lawmakers see a deliberate provocation:
    “Is this another ‘unfortunate’ mistake? Is this another ‘misunderstanding?'” said Labor MK Eitan Cabel. “Netanyahu decided to spit into Obama’s eye, this time from up close. He and his pyromaniac ministers insist on setting the Middle East ablaze.”


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    (Geez, even the lurkers think Nadine is a jackass.)
    And whyTF are we sending this arrogant band of murderous bigots our tax dollars?
    American Aid to Israel: Money for Insults
    by Ralph Nader
    On July 10, 1996, at a Joint Session of the United States Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a standing ovation for these words: “With America’s help, Israel has grown to be a powerful, modern state. …But I believe there can be no greater tribute to America’s long-standing economic aid to Israel than for us to be able to say: we are going to achieve economic independence. We are going to do it. In the next four years, we will begin the long-term process of gradually reducing the level of your generous economic assistance to Israel.”
    Since 1996, the American taxpayers are still sending Israel $3 billion a year and providing assorted loan guarantees, waivers, rich technology transfers and other indirect assistance. Before George W. Bush left office a memorandum of understanding between the U.S. and Israel stipulated an assistance package of $30 billion over the next ten years to be transferred in a lump sum at the beginning of every fiscal year. Israel’s wars and colonies still receive U.S. taxpayer monies.
    What happened to Mr. Netanyahu’s solemn pledge to the Congress? The short answer is that Congress never called in the pledge.
    In the intervening years, Israel has become an economic, technological and military juggernaut. Its GDP is larger than Egypt’s even though Israel’s population is less than one tenth that of the Arab world’s most populous nation. The second largest number of listings on America’s NASDAQ Exchange after U.S. companies are from Israel, exceeding listings of Japan, Korea, China and India combined. Its venture capital investments exceed those in the U.S., Europe and China on a per capita basis.
    Israel is arguably the fifth most powerful military force in the world, and Israel’s claims on the U.S.’s latest weapon systems and research/development breakthroughs are unsurpassed. This combination has helped to make Israel a major arms exporter.
    The Israeli “economic miracle” and technological innovations have spawned articles and a best-selling book in recent months. The country’s average GDP growth rate has exceeded the average rate of most western countries over the past five years. Israel provides universal health insurance, unlike the situation in the U.S., which raises the question of who should be aiding whom?
    Keep in mind, the U.S. economy is mired in a recession, with large rates of growing poverty, unemployment, consumer debt and state and federal deficits. In some states, public schools are shutting, public health services are being slashed, and universities are increasing tuition while also cutting programs. Even state government buildings are being sold off.
    Under U.S. law, military sales to Israel cannot be used for offensive purposes, only for “legitimate self-defense.” Nonetheless, there have been numerous violations of the Arms Export Control Act by Israel. Even the indifferent State Department has found, from time to time, that munitions such as cluster bombs were “likely violations.”
    Violations would lead to a cut-off in aid but with the completely pro-Israel climate in Washington, the White House has never allowed such findings to be definitive.
    The same indifference applies to violations of the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act that prohibits aid to countries engaging in consistent international human rights violations. These include the occupation, colonization, blockades and military assaults on civilians in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, regularly documented by the highly regarded Israeli human rights group B’Tselem as well as by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.


  3. rational one says:

    (It’s far from clear that it was the Mossad. (nadine)
    In your dreams.


  4. nadine says:

    The Dubai government says that two of the assassins went to Iran afterwards. It’s far from clear that it was the Mossad. Lots of people in the Mideast wanted this guy dead.


  5. Dirk says:

    Actually it appears that the upcoming UK elections will result in what’s called a Hung Parliament since Labour has pulled back from a large polling deficit. It’s kind of complicated but Gordon Brown and therefore David Miliband will likely continue to govern:
    The conservatives in France(UMP) took it in the shorts in the latest regional elections and no longer rule anywhere, but Sarkozy isn’t affected for another two years from what I understand. He has, however, shuffled his cabinet and decided to stretch out his reform package to ease the pain on the electorate (and his party).
    In Germany the Merkel(CDU) is in trouble because of the new and highly unpopular Westerwelle(FDP), her coalition partner, who has a really big mouth, is a jerk and engages in clientele politics (not to put to fine a point on it). The government could go down the toilet in May, when a state election takes place in lovely NRW, which would lose the upper house (BundesRat) for the coalition government. I understand this will lead to new elections.
    So, with any luck, Europe will have Labour in the UK, SDP/Green(/Linke) in Germany joining Socialists in Spain. And, in two years Socialists in France hopefully joining Socialists in Italy (one can hope).
    BTW FrenchConnection, Merkel took over from Shroeder(SDP), who served two terms, not Kohl who came before that.


  6. ... says:

    dons – it is the aura or superior intelligence that wigwag likes to cop that i take exception to.. anyone who behaves like an intellectual snob always gets my wrath…wigwag is toxic fumes and not much else… wigwag can take the fumes to israel and live their, instead of polluting the usa by encouraging and supporting a role of full time leech on the usa gov’t for israel… the person has next to no character or wisdom in spite of the regular pretensions here at twn…


  7. WigWag says:

    “Wigwag has no clue about European politics and cannot define socialism.” (French Connection)
    Okay, French Connection, I yield to the superiority of your analysis. After all, the insight and perspicacity of your reasoned explanation for the Swiss Minaret decision (and by extension all the other examples of an emerging right wing philosophy in Europe) are captured by this breathtakingly brilliant remark,
    “The minaret story in Switzerland is a pathetic story caused by the lack of iodine in the Alps. It’s scientifically proven that lack of iodine causes cretinism.”
    My only question, French Connection is this; are you sure there’s enough iodine where you live?


  8. DonS says:

    now, now, …, you musn’t be so unforgiving or wigwag may get offended, and become even more arch. We must treat her as the priviledged voice of the zionist right, even if she is offensive as hell, and without apparent remorse, at least when it comes to Israel.
    Of course, this speaks as well to Dan’s point in that Wigwag can find an excuse for any barbaric and uncivilized behavior as long as it is in the service of Israel. Not even a country as civilized as Great Britain, at least in the current scheme of things (and considering they are the predominant surveillance society) can be considered acceptable — the liberal tendencies ( i.e., not slavishly zionist) must be crushed.


  9. frenchconnection says:

    FYI wigwag
    “Interestingly this will be more evidence of Europe’s dramatic turn to the right. Every one of the largest, most important nations in Europe will be represented by a conservative government. Think the United Kingdom; France, Germany and Italy.
    Also think about the recent Geert Wilders victory in municipal elections in the Netherlands or the La Pen victory in municipal elections in France.”
    1) France, Germany and Italy have a conservative government. Last time France had a socialist government was in 2002 ending a 4 years period. Italy has a conservative government since 2001 (except for a two years period of center-left Prodi). Germany’s conservative Merkel rules since 2000, replacing the conservative Kohl.
    Labour, and specially under Blair, is considered as the most conservative “socialist” party in Europe
    Gert Wilder and Le Pen are racist populist right-wing libertarians. Those guys always show up in periods of crisis (specially when low electoral participation) and wane after.
    The minaret story in Switzerland is a pathetic story caused by the lack of iodine in the Alps. It’s scientifically proven that lack of iodine causes cretinism.
    Summary :
    wigwag has no clue about European politics and cannot define socialism. All European governments are conservative (not neo-conservative) or social-democratic, which isn’t socialism at all, by definition.
    Of course since some define Obama as “socialist”, while by general European standards he is a right-winger, all Europeans are commies.


  10. ... says:

    wigwag doesn’t have any scruples when it comes to others wigwag considers less worthy then beloved israel and citizens, come what may… how many americans need to be murdered in a war to protect israel? it matters not to wigwag, so long as israel is protected and no jew is affected adversely israels continued expression of apartheid is just a matter of course for the chosen ones…. think warped if you want to get inside some of these folks heads…


  11. Dan Kervick says:

    “If Foreign Minister Miliband’s scruples were violated; well that’s just too bad for him.”
    This kind of comment misses the point severely. A country has to protect the value of its passport, since passports confer the tangible benefits of visa-free and unhindered travel on their bearers. A country can no more afford to look the other way when its passports are counterfeited or used for nefarious purposes than it can afford to tolerate the counterfeiting of its money.
    If Miliband and the UK government failed to stand up for the integrity and value of the UK passport, they would be letting down each and every UK subject who has one.
    If the Israelis want to go around the world assassinating their enemies, that’s one thing. But they need to do it on their own dime, and leave their allies’ citizens out of it.


  12. WigWag says:

    I have no idea whether the charge is true or not, Sweetness. Whoever perpetrated the assassination did a good thing in my book. If Foreign Minister Miliband’s scruples were violated; well that’s just too bad for him.
    I think we all know that British intelligence spent decades doing far worse things when their interests were far less at risk. As a matter of fact, I suspect that even in the present day British intelligence assists the CIA and U.S. military intelligence services in committing acts that might look heinous to many.
    Were the British in the dark about extraordinary rendition? Were they blindsided to learn about what their American allies were doing in Abu Gharib? Have you heard them object to American intelligence gathering efforts which culminate in drone attacks in Pakistan that routinely kill scores of innocent Pakistanis?
    Miliband can kvetch to his heart’s content; but if he expects anyone but the terminally dimwitted to believe that the British Government comes to this dispute with clean hands, he is sadly mistaken.
    The Gordon Brown Government has actually been relatively pro-Israel but not nearly as much as the David Cameron Government is likely to be.
    When Brown, Miliband and their colleagues go down to an ignominious defeat in a few short months they will be replaced by the most pro-Israel government in British history.
    Interestingly this will be more evidence of Europe’s dramatic turn to the right. Every one of the largest, most important nations in Europe will be represented by a conservative government. Think the United Kingdom; France, Germany and Italy.
    Also think about the recent Geert Wilders victory in municipal elections in the Netherlands or the La Pen victory in municipal elections in France.
    Think about the ban on minarets enacted in Switzerland or last year’s elections to the European Parliament. If you prefer, contemplate the cartoons published a few years ago in Denmark or this year in Norway that Muslims found so insulting.
    There is something profound happening in Europe; I think its a secular change that will end up being broad, wide and enduring.
    The philosophy of David Miliband is on the way out. What he thinks just doesn’t matter that much any more.
    Everything runs in cycles; someday Miliband might be Prime Minister. He seems like a bright and capable guy; I even read his blog from time to time.
    But for the foreseeable future what he thinks or doesn’t think about the Dubai assassination is just not that relevant.


  13. Sweetness says:

    Wig writes: “As for his anger about the alleged use of “forged
    British Passports” by the Mossad, the good news is that Miliband is
    about to be sentenced to several years in the political wilderness.”
    Do you feel this charge is untrue or unfair in some way?


  14. Carroll says:

    And in addition..
    Israel won’t back down in dispute with U.S., PM says – CNN
    “Our policy regarding Jerusalem is the same as it was over the past 42 years. We have made it clear to the Americans that for us, building there is just like building in Tel Aviv,” Netanyahu said. Israel captured the land in question in the spring of 1967, nearly 43 years ago.” CNN
    Israel unilaterally annexed Jerusalem after the 1967 war in defiance of various UN resolutions.The IDF captured East Jerusalem from the Jordanian Army in that war. That annexation is not recognized by most countries. If memory serves, the US is numbered among those that do not. Israeli allies in the US Congress keep trying to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. They do that every few years and the executive branch resists because to do so would be a de facto recognition of Israel’s claim to own Jerusalem in something other than a display of force majeure.
    So, for Bibi, it is a major thing when the US insists that territory within the boundaries of Jerusalem is subject to negotiation as to status in a “final settlement.”
    The closed door meeting at the WH today should be an interesting event. If Obama persists in this Jerusalem business a line will be drawn in the sand. pl
    Obama draw that line in the sand.


  15. Kathleen says:

    Thank goodness someone has slapped Israel’s hand for a few of their crimes
    Norman Finkelstein “East Jerusalem is Palestinian occupied territory” Not Israel’s capitol.
    Democracy Now
    Tuesday, March 23, 2010
    Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis
    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the American Israel Public Affairs Council on Monday that “Jerusalem is not a settlement.” He continued that the historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel cannot be denied. He added that neither could the historical connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. He insisted, “The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 years ago and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today.” He said, “Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital.” He told his applauding audience of 7500 that he was simply following the policies of all Israeli governments since the 1967 conquest of Jerusalem in the Six Day War.
    Netanyahu mixed together Romantic-nationalist cliches with a series of historically false assertions. But even more important was everything he left out of the history, and his citation of his warped and inaccurate history instead of considering laws, rights or common human decency toward others not of his ethnic group.
    So here are the reasons that Netanyahu is profoundly wrong, and East Jerusalem does not belong to him.
    1. In international law, East Jerusalem is occupied territory, as are the parts of the West Bank that Israel unilaterally annexed to its district of Jerusalem. The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the Hague Regulations of 1907 forbid occupying powers to alter the lifeways of civilians who are occupied, and forbid the settling of people from the occupiers’ country in the occupied territory. Israel’s expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem, its usurpation of Palestinian property there, and its settling of Israelis on Palestinian land are all gross violations of international law. Israeli claims that they are not occupying Palestinians because the Palestinians have no state are cruel and tautological. Israeli claims that they are building on empty territory are laughable. My back yard is empty, but that does not give Netanyahu the right to put up an apartment complex on it.


  16. ... says:

    wigwags response “Exactly how much longer will David Miliband be Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom?”
    my response? – “how much longer with israel bully it’s way out of all the bullshit it is responsible for?”


  17. Don Bacon says:

    I believe that Irish and Australian passports have also been linked.


  18. WigWag says:

    “UK Foreign Minister David Miliband has been particularly incensed by the Mossad’s alleged actions and will be addressing Parliament on Tuesday regarding the expulsion.” (Steve Clemons)
    Exactly how much longer will David Miliband be Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom?
    The Government of Gordon Brown is a “dead man walking.” Miliband will soon be demoted from Foreign Minister to shadow Foreign Minister. Surely, someday, the British Labor Party will rise again from the exile it is about to enter; when it does, Miliband might be a key player.
    As for his anger about the alleged use of “forged British Passports” by the Mossad, the good news is that Miliband is about to be sentenced to several years in the political wilderness.
    This should give the Right Honorable Mr. Miliband a long time to get over his pique.


  19. Carroll says:

    According to the article..
    “But the probe had determined for certain that the passports were cloned when British citizens passed through airports on their way into Israel, with officials taking them away for “checks” which lasted around 20 minutes.”
    Do they mean airport in Israel or airports outside of Israel? If outside then Mossad has agents working in various airports outside of Israel.


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