Libya When Prisoners Had to Sing Tributes to the Dictator


I took this video clip in March 2010 when I visited Tripoli, Libya and was interested in counter-terrorism activities of the Libyan government. When I was there, we were taken to a prison where hundreds of prisoners — most of whom were either Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) members or other young jihadists who wanted to fight “infidels” in Afghanistan and Iraq.
These men were dancing and singing tributes to their leader, to Moammer Gaddafi. The scene very much disturbed me — and thus am only posting it now.
But this is the kind of celebration of dictatorship that people do to survive. When they got out of the prison, I saw the eruptive emotional outcries when they connected with their families. They would do anything to get out of those prisons.
I would wager this men and their families are not singing tributes to their Leader now.
— Steve Clemons


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