Lee Kuan Yew Has More Sense than Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace


A few years back, I read Lee Kuan Yew’s Memoirs. No matter what one thinks of his illiberal political tendencies, his leadership in carving out a successful city state in an unstable and convulsing Southeast Asia was breathtaking.
I have always been surprised and irritated by Lee’s hypersensitivity to political challenge in this era in which he and his brand of technocratic elites have so clearly won all the political battles they needed to win to feel enormously secure. But now comes a refreshing sign of Barry Goldwater-like transformation for Singapore’s most powerful conservative — tolerance of gays. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new Lee Kuan Yew.
Lee sure has better sense than Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace on this particular issue.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Lee Kuan Yew Has More Sense than Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace

  1. steve duncan says:

    Anytime someone wants to start on Bush’s gallows I have a hammer and nails:
    Task Force Lightning Patrol Base Attacked
    Multi-National Division – North PAO
    TIKRIT, Iraq – Nine Task Force Lightning Soldiers died as a result of injuries sustained
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    Twenty Soldiers and one Iraqi civilian were wounded when a suicide vehicle born
    IED attacked the patrol base. Twelve Soldiers were returned to duty after initial medical
    care, and eight Soldiers and the Iraqi civilian were evacuated to a Coalition Forces’
    medical treatment facility for further care. Three of those Soldiers were later returned to
    The names of the deceased Soldiers are being withheld pending notification of
    next of kin and release by the Department of Defense.


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