Jim DeMint’s On-Off-On Trip to Honduras


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This is very inside DC baseball stuff on Senator Jim DeMint’s plans to visit Honduras which were announced via twitter, then stopped by Senator John Kerry, and then put back on track by Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.
But it’s the kind of thing that when it comes to Washingotn both attracts and repels people at the same time.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Jim DeMint’s On-Off-On Trip to Honduras

  1. SAMUELBURKE says:

    “I am no fan of Senator Jim DeMint nor of the Honduran regime, but watch ex-peacenik Rachel Maddow defend the US regime as the be-all and end-all of history, and dissent from it as worthy of death. She’s smiling, yes, but that just makes it worse. Here is demonstrated the deal she made, and all the TV media have made, in return for money and glory: state worship and thought control.”


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Giraldi: Well, I think as Joe points out, it might be too big to succeed. That’s really the better way to look at it. There are so many people that would be destroyed by this if the allegations are even 50% true that everybody in the government, Democrats or Republicans alike, have a vested interest in circling the wagons. And I would point out another thing, in reference to Daniel Ellsberg – the media was a lot different back then, the media was quite willing to take on stories independently and pursue them to death, particularly a huge story like this, but today’s media is a lot more cooperative in it’s mentality and it is a lot more collectivist in the way that it looks at its hand-in-hand role with the government. So, it’s not quite the same world in terms of the media opening up this story. I really think it’s going to be up to us in the alternative media, Places like the American Conservative and Antiwar.com and I notice today that the story has been picked up enormously on the internet – it is going to be these places that might force a break in the media stranglehold on not covering this story, and that the mainstream media will have to pay attention to it. We tried to float this story, just FYI, to the Drudge website, Matt Drudge, he had no interest in it. Steve Clemons at The Washington Note has no interest in it. See there are a lot of people, just like the mainstream media, that have a vested interest in having cozy relationships because these cozy relationships provide them with information, they provide them with access, and we’ve got to break through that.
    Horton: Well, it’s interesting when you bring up Steve Clemons [ignoring the story is all I mean to say, and certainly didn’t mean to imply anything else with this non-sequitur – S.H.], I haven’t discussed this with him at all so I don’t know, but it brings up one of the themes in this story which is that it’s not just bipartisan in terms of Republican and Democrat, but it is also bipartisan as we find out even more in this recent interview that it is bipartisan in the sense that it is the neoconservatives as well as the “Realists.” We have James Baker, Brent Scowcroft, and Henry Kissinger – their names being thrown around as being involved in this, can you elaborate on that?


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