IOWA May be Pearl in Eye of China’s Next Emperor


China’s Vice President Xi Jinping is widely seen in Beijing power circles as Hu Jintao’s likely successor as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China.
There is an increasing amount of reporting about him as his ascendancy becomes more clear, but one of the interesting tidbits I have learned in the last few days is that Xi really loves Iowa. Of those politicians I have met here who know Vice President Xi, they all know that he spent a bit of time — just a few days apparently — near Des Moines, Iowa. And he fell in love with the small town feel of the place — and a particular family.
I haven’t been able to learn more than that — but if he does secure China’s top job, Iowa may be the pearl in the eye of China’s next emperor.
— Steve Clemons


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