House Iraq Funding Bill Requiring 2008 Pullout Passes


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It was heavy-lifting all the way, but the House funding bill that funds America’s operations in Iraq but requires withdrawal in 2008, passed today in a 218-212 vote.
I haven’t seen the floor statement yet, but Representative John Murtha was apparently quite emotional — on the verge of tears — speaking about the successful passage just after the vote.
I think that the Senate will be an insurmountable challenge to this legislation as Dems will not be able to muster enough votes to move legislation forward that requires a date-specific withdrawal. But this does further fix blame for the Iraq War on the White House.
There were 15 Dems who opposed the funding bill — some like Kucinich because he sees the appropriations bill as keeping the war going and others because they opposed any hand-tying of the military in Iraq.
The 15 included Represenatatives Barrow, Boren, Lincoln Davis, Kucinich, Lee, Lewis (GA), Marshall, Matheson, McNulty, Michaud, Taylor, Waters, Watson and Woolsey.
— Steve Clemons


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