Hickory Dog is Best in Show


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A Scottish deerhound named “Hickory Wind” has taken best-in-show at Westminster.
Carson Ranger, a regular at TWN, let us know the news — and yes, we do like all the pups, even the ones who don’t win ribbons and are in the rescue batches out there.
But the ones who win prizes can also be fun.
— Steve Clemons


21 comments on “Hickory Dog is Best in Show

  1. Cee says:

    A person who was interviewed on CNN this morning said that many people protesting in Libya are Libyan.
    I’m starting to smell a rat.


  2. Paul Norheim says:

    To me it looks like the revolution in the Middle East could be
    going through a more bloody, Tien-an-men-like phase right
    now. The leaders in Libya and Bahrain have noticed that Mubarak
    and Ben Ali chose not to shoot the demonstrators on a grand
    scale – and may have concluded that this was their mistake.


  3. Paul Norheim says:

    This is getting interesting:
    “The recent illness of Saudi Arabia


  4. Sand says:

    Dog News: I was outraged at the ONN expose on our poor neglected Bo. He needs a job! I’m waiting for Malia to take the reins (leash) and maybe see if Boo could be a AAA/AAT therapy dog — to maby visit our vets? Or, Bo could even be trained to help his master!
    ‘ONN’ Leaks Expos


  5. Cee says:

    I love it that the first people (Africans) are leading the way to free themselves. Perhaps we’ll follow.


  6. questions says:

    Note that the gov increased costs to the state for a number of pet projects that then allowed him to declare a non-existent budget crisis….
    These protesters deserve the same respect from the Republicans that the Republicans demanded for the Tea Party protests.


  7. questions says:

    Oil prices, hoarding by leaving it in the ground as opposed to hoarding by storing it (no one’s building above ground oil storage) and thus how commodities traders might very well be speculating in the market and driving up prices. The speculators would appear to be the producers.
    If this is the case, is this, too, a market failure? And if it’s a market failure, what do we do about the damage high oil prices will do to the vague recovery?


  8. questions says:

    h/t Brad DeLong,
    This should be read:
    Great reading of propane heaters on school buses in northern climates and cost and market failure and diesel pollution and disease……
    as should this on Colin Powell:
    also h/t Brad DeLong


  9. questions says:

    Arne Duncan….. Oh, my…..
    “”I fundamentally believe that tough economic times are either going to paralyze folks or you’re going to see opportunities through crisis,” Duncan said. Collaboration “has been a desperately, desperately underutilized strategy.””
    So this sounds good, right? We need to collaborate, not demonize teachers, use the crisis well, find opportunities….
    But then the article continues:
    “Duncan did not back down from some of his more controversial reform proposals, including using student test score data to evaluate teachers and basing teacher layoffs on factors other than seniority.”
    So here we are with the demonization of teachers, the use of statistically useless data, and other fine things. Only now the teachers are supposed to cooperate with the districts that are demonizing those selfsame teachers! Woohoo! The dude’s got some serious issues.
    And speaking of the quality of data, James Kwak has this up at baselinescenario:
    He also has up a nice post on the baseball player, Meche, who is turning down 12 million bucks — motivated by the crazy idea that if he’s injured and can’t play, he really shouldn’t grab the contractually promised money, and the fact that he already has enough money. Geeze, morality, honor, and a sense of sufficiency. Why aren’t these qualities more broadly shared? We’d have far less of an oligarchy if we could all think this way.
    Imagine a billionaire saying “Gosh, I don’t really need this much money and my company lost money so I’m not taking a salary for the year.”
    Nah, ain’t gonna happen.


  10. questions says:

    Crackdown in Bahrain — seems that if the people of Egypt learned from Iran and Tunisia and Serbia, so the gov’t of Bahrain took some lessons too.
    The results of the crackdown will depend on how much loss the people of Bahrain can tolerate. 18 days of death in a small country is a lot to ask of anyone.


  11. questions says:

    And Robert Reich on SoSec, really interesting read of the vague shortfall (he notes he was a SoSec trustee at one point):
    “Back in 1983, the ceiling was set so the Social Security payroll tax would hit 90 percent of all wages covered by Social Security. That 90 percent figure was built into the Greenspan Commission


  12. questions says:

    The day’s absolutely best links, Obamabot edition:
    Salon and the Obama budget as strategically smarter than some have argued (including Krugman) — I think this one is spot on given the cognitive dissonance in people’s sense of gov’t spending:
    And this one:
    About Obama’s having asked for a report on ME flashpoints and democratization before the Egypt uprising won Al Jazeera the sweeps week….
    Does anyone know if we can put more than 2 links into a posting now that everything goes into a buffer? If so, I will use fewer posts to put in my faves for the day.
    (Sorry if this is a multiple post — I got some weird error page after posting the first time, and with the time delay, I have no way of knowing if it actually went through or got lost in cyber space the way some things seem to do….)


  13. questions says:

    This site is going to the dogs.
    I quit.
    But first, there’s probably 100 interesting links to post, a couple thousand ramblingly long posts to write, and of course a whole bunch of revolutions, rebellions and snide references to Chris Christie I’ll have to deal with first.
    Then I’m gonna quit. Quitting is easy. I do it 20 times a day.
    (By the way, has anyone else noticed how time seems to freeze with uninstant comments? It’s 12:38 for a few hours before the clock moves.)


  14. Paul Norheim says:

    Yeah, these dog threads are getting more and more
    problematic. Do I need to remind you of the naivety and
    hypocrisy among the so called liberals? The bulldog bashers
    is one thing; but what about all those leftists who hate
    America and excuse the rottweilers? And when was the last
    time you saw a pacifist show up on the dog shows? Clear
    evidence that they’re in bed with the poodle-haters!


  15. Cee says:

    My recent pet was a rescue but I do think that I’ll buy a Black Russian when I’m ready for another dog.


  16. Dan Kervick says:

    Also, dogs bred for show can suffer from a variety of health and quality of life deficits due to the fact that their features are artificially selected for aesthetic properties which correlate negatively with good health.


  17. Ben Rosengart says:

    Israel/Palestine is one thing, but just wait to see how bad the
    comments get when you wade into a really controversial topic
    like dog breeding.


  18. Kathleen says:

    Saw this on Morning Joe this morning. Love dogs. But the one time I went behind the scenes at a dog show I went into shock. The combing, primping, money spent on these shows was alarming. While I value critters the money spent on these critters while folks on the planet are starving and being slaughtered throws me off center
    Brought up three kids (now adults) on 80 acres and they had all sorts of dogs, cats, horses, chickens etc. But almost all were outside and had to be hearty creatures.
    Anyway it takes all kinds. Really like this quote ” Lord help me be the person my dog thinks I am”


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