Gotta Wait One More Day for Larry Wilkerson on <em>The News Hour</em>


Just got a note from the foreign policy team at the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and the Ray Suarez interview has been pushed back one more day. It will air tomorrow night.
I’ll be watching it in Santa Fe, where I am heading now to give a couple of talks. I’m staying on the Plaza if anyone has some good scoops.
One interesting point though before I jump on the plane. Take a quick look (it’s now 2:02 p.m. eastern) at CNN’s website,
Libby’s court appearance is big news. Rosa Parks’ burial service is noted. Former FEMA Director Michael Brown is getting skewered.
But no where on the front page is there mention of Supreme Court nominated Sam Alito.
We’ll be at Alito a lot — but my hat is off to Senator Harry Reid whose Rule 21 tactic changed the conversation back to the abuses of intelligence and reckless administration behavior that led to the Iraq War.
This is the conversation America should be having now — and thanks to Reid and a few others, this is beginning to happen.
— Steve Clemons