Glenn Beck’s Obsessive Compulsive Soros Twitch


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Yesterday evening, I watched Glenn Beck’s ‘defamercial‘ on George Soros. There is already much commentary out there — Michael Tomasky’s being among the best — that knocks back the slime, slurs, and defamation of Soros by Fox and Beck.
I encourage you to watch the show, if one can call it that.
I learned a long time ago that when someone is so compulsively committed to tearing someone down, to bullying them, to spending every moment obsessed with them that it often exposes one’s own views of himself. I think that this may be the case with the strange fixation of a Michigan Assistant Attorney General on a young, charismatic, gay student body president at the University of Michigan.
And I think that the same may be true about Glenn Beck and George Soros. Glenn Beck’s attack about nefarious networks operating and controlling every aspect of our society from behind the scenes reminds one of German hyperventilation about the Jews.
But these are the questions we should be raising today about Fox, Rupert Murdoch, and the $32 million dollar a year constantly unhinged Beck himself.
I am on a plane for the next 12 hours — but I will be back with more on Fox and Beck very soon. Lots.
— Steve Clemons


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