General Pace Looks for Evidence of Homosexuality in Japan’s Troops?


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Joint Chiefs Commander Peter Pace — in the photo above may be reminding Japanese troops that homosexuality is immoral over in Tokyo too (just joking) — stopped in Japan to reaffirm the bilateral relationship.
While the Japanese government issued a press release stating that Foreign Minister Aso (the likely next prime minister) and General Pace discussed joint ballistic missile defense efforts; shoring up forces to deter potential North Korean aggression; reallignment of some U.S. military activities outside of Okinawa in what has been a slow, decade-plus-long road map (thus far) following the rape of a 12-year old girl by three U.S. military personnel; and Japan’s further assistance (financial now) in the stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq — we do not have any information on whether Japan’s Defense Minister — a critic of America’s war in Iraq — got any “quality time” with Pace.
Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma and Foreign Minister Taro Aso have both expressed reservations about America’s Middle East military adventure — but Kyuma went the furthest earlier this year calling the Iraq War “wrong.”
Vice President Cheney refused to meet Kyuma during his recent Tokyo jaunt, and while one news report does state that General Pace met both Kyuma and Aso — no one has reported any words or agreements that might have transpired between Japan’s Defense Minister and America’s most senior general.
The Foreign Minister’s office, however, did not offer any commentary on whether homosexuality in Japan’s military ranks was a priority concern for General Pace.
— Steve Clemons
A TWN reader provided this video that I had seen a while back but lost track of. Funniest thing you’ll see all year. . .
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “General Pace Looks for Evidence of Homosexuality in Japan’s Troops?

  1. Carroll says:

    I don’t understand the General’s (and others)preoccupation with gays. It’s not like homosexuality hasn’t been part of the human race since time began. I think it would be much healthy in every way for gays and for society in general if it was a non issue. It’s sort of sick to poke your nose into other people’s sex lives anyway, whether they are straight or gay.


  2. Robert Morrow says:

    How about some coverage of China’s incredible military build up on these pages? I think that is going to have a lot more far reaching effects than Islamofascism or whether people with the gay lifestyle can serve in the military.


  3. David says:

    At least we now know that it is a rank priority for the fine Christian general (with sincere apologies to all those Christians who do not share General Pace’s backwards views).


  4. Meagles says:

    Maybe Gen Pace had just seen the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (MSDF) recruitment video (2004) .
    “The MSDF went for a Village People-style chorus line approach exhorting young Japanese to get in the Not-Quite Navy.
    ‘We used actors chosen in auditions to dance on the deck of the destroyer Hatsuyuki. The actors are dressed as sailors and there was a fair amount of discussion within the force before we decided to use it. We want people to take an interest in the MSDF, so managed to convince the top brass that we needed an ad with this amount of impact,’ a spokesman for the MSDF tells Weekly Playboy.”
    This clip tells it all.
    fulll article


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