Geithner: Wall Street Wouldn’t Like Elizabeth Warren


A DC insider close enough to Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner shared with me a vignette in which someone suggested to him that he find a way to diversify the “image” of his relationships with the economy community and broaden it to include people like Elizabeth Warren.
This person implied that someone had suggested Geithner consider Warren for a Treasury Deputy Secretary position.
Elizabeth Warren is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to investigate the U.S. banking bailout (TARP), and first developed the notion of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.
Geithner’s alleged response: “Wall Street wouldn’t like it.”
No kidding!

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On Tuesday night, Warren put it all out there on Jon Stewart’s show. She’s so sober and sensible. Watch the clip above, but here are some of her best zingers:

“Well, these guys really do get it.” Warren told Stewart — the CEOs, bankers, and people in power — “They get it. And they work best behind closed doors.” If the decisions are in their hands, she said, “Nothing, nothing will change. You know, I want to turn to these guys sometimes, and I want to say: what part of ‘we bailed you out’ do you not get? These are people who would not have their jobs because they would not have their companies.”
“The chips are all on the table,” Warren added. “We are going to write what the American economy looks like for 50 years going forward. And right now the CEOs have any real change bottled up in the Senate.”

— Steve Clemons


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