Gavin Newsom’s iPhone: Yikes!


Gavin Newsome Steve Clemons phone.jpg
(Gavin Newsom’s cell phone with Steve Clemons’ reflection (click image for larger version to really see the cracks); photo credit: Marc Adelman)
Thanks to Marc Adelman who seems to know all of the people I don’t know — so we are a perfect match — I attended a fantastic first west coast fundraiser for CURE, which Susan Axelrod (of those Obama-connected Axelrods) spearheaded to generate funds for research on and treatments for epilepsy, of which her and David Axelrod’s daughter is a victim.
I think CURE does outstanding work and is such an important network for families and friends of those suffering from epilepsy. I’m really grateful to Tammy Haddad for introducing me into the CURE network at an event she held at her home last year.
California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom attended the event and hung out with Marc and me a bit. Then I saw his phone.
I have always liked Newsom who I hope is Governor of California next round. I once met him in DC through NDN’s Simon Rosenberg who had all sorts of mesmerizing things to say about Newsom. I loved it when Newsom admitted that among his chief worries in San Francisco was trash collection — but he was trying to get bandwidth to think about other stuff.
Gavin Newsom is a compelling, open-minded, pragmatic doer, thinker — and really beats the crap out of his phone.
— Steve Clemons


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