Fooooood Stuff, Martha Stewart, Mario Batali & More

- of the benefits of working for high quality operations like the New America Foundation and The Atlantic is that one gets on a permanent learning track — exposed to ideas, controversies, and personalities of consequence just about every other day.

Real knowledge deficits for me are issues about food production, obesity, and sustainability of a healthy and diverse ecosystem for global food consumption (among a lot of other topics — particularly in health policy) — but The Atlantic Food Summit has decided to smarten me up on this front.

martha stewart.jpgThe event is pretty full — and I’m not posting this to get more attendees — but if folks want to learn more about the program which will feature, among others, Martha Stewart (so cool that she told me she was coming while bumping into her at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner), critically-celebrated chef Mario Batali, Revolution Foods’ Kirsten Tobey, three-time Olympian and World Fit Foundation’s Gary Hall, World Food Program President Rick Leach, and a bunch of other food industry reps of different stripes as well as writers and academics, register for the event that takes place at the W Hotel in Washington, DC on May 24th between 1:00 and 5:30 pm.

Atlantic LIVE will also be streaming the sessions live on this site during the event and posting video clips at a later time.

I’ll be moderating a session on feeding a world of 7 billion people. Economics expert and Bloomberg View and Atlantic columnist Clive Crook will be moderating some of the meeting — and we’ll both be operating under the direction of Atlantic Senior Editor and James Beard award-winning food writer Corby Kummer.

— Steve Clemons


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