Feingold Poses Question to Bush that Should Be Posed to Senators: Why Would You Confirm a Guy Who Despises the U.N.?”


Reports have come in that Senator Russ Feingold got an ear-full about John Bolton during his annual “listening sessions” tour last week in Wisconsin.
This from the Badger-Herald:

Bolton, President Bush’s choice to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was the recipient of nearly unanimous scorn Friday from local residents attending Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold’s annual listening session in Dane County.
“Bolton is a stick in the eye to the world community,” session attendee Midge Miller said in echoing the concerns of many other local citizens. “Bush is so irresponsible to have [appointed him].”
Feingold did little to disagree with the DeForest denizens, saying he is “troubled” by the nomination of Bolton, who has been critical of the U.N. in the past.
“Why would you pick a guy who despises the U.N.?” Feingold asked. “I have serious reservations.”

There are numerous press reports that Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will remain united and vote against John Bolton’s confirmation to the U.N. And TWN is very pleased to see Feingold sending signals about his own opposition to the appointment.
Indeed, the question could be rephrased for Senator Feingold or any of the Senators on the Committee, “Why would you confirm a guy who despises the U.N.?”
— Steve Clemons
ed. note: Thanks to JJ for sending this to TWN’s attention.