Fact Sheets on the President’s Budget Proposals


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Here is a roster of information and “FY 2008 Budget Fact sheets” that the Executive Branch has assembled to support the President’s Annual Budget Request:

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Budget Overview
Budget Discipline
The Economy
War on Terror
Homeland Security
State and International Programs
Health Care
Space and Science

I need to digest some of this material before commenting in depth, but I have spent a lot of time in the downtown coffee shop in Bartlesville, Oklahoma talking about basic check book realities with some of the Sooner State’s old time conservatives.
They would tell you that you can’t wage serious wars on the scale we are doing and then not either cut spending elsewhere or raise taxes.
These folks really dislike taxes — but they understand the need for some government. However, they don’t buy the combination of building a larger US military force which the President has called for; resupplying the troops with armor, supplies, and new weapons; possibly broadening the wars simultaneously underway in Iraq and Afghanistan to include Iran and Syria and then talk about “never raising taxes.”
For some of these conservatives, their perception of the welfare state is anathema, but so too is out of control spending on the Pentagon — spending that the Chinese government is financing by buying our debt.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. ... says:

    dan, in answer to your question – the banking system thrives on spending money that no one has.. the way they do it is through putting off paying until a later date, and collecting interest all along the way… welcome to the world of greed and hopefully this now enlightens you as to who ultimately decides on wars in faraway lands – the federal reserve – with the compliance of the present admin.


  2. PrahaPartizan says:

    I always find it curious that the neocons insist on striding around the world with an Imperial Army being financed by tax base designed for the pre-Gilded Age. They are children and should be treated like children. They rightfully occupy the Oval Office like a pack of street urchins who have burst in upon the White House.


  3. Dalivision says:

    Yep Democrats are accused of bigger government but what these accusers fail to see is that a bigger government could also be a bigger pentagon. In either case both requires an increase in taxes and if those folks in OK continue to see things as you describe there may be hope not only for a non-binding resolution but also in 2008.
    What would be interesting is to see if these people in OK will continue to vote party lines. Are they willing to cross party lines? The November election indicated that there was some cross over but it appears only for one issue, the war in Iraq. What you mention is a bigger than just the war.


  4. meg says:

    Steve – Look carefully at the GWOT fact sheet. The Administration’s practice of putting everything under the sun under the rubric of “Global War on Terror” has just gone too far – they have put “Fighting Avian Influenza” under GWOT. Last I checked, we are not facing a terrorist invasion of sick birds. Also, it’s offensive that they have categorized (in the same GWOT Fact Sheet) the response to the genocide in Darfur under “Winning the War of Ideas”. Seems like this would be an interesting topic to expand a bit on in the coming days as folks evaluate the budget.


  5. Nell says:

    A much-overlooked Wall Street Journal article on the wish-list items that the various services have stuffed into the $100 billion Pentagon supplemental request with the encouragement of Gordon England. Non-Iraq-and-Afghan-war-related items amount to at least $35 billion of the total.
    I blogged about it here:


  6. jon says:

    Didn’t Marx have something to say about capitalists selling the rope that would be used to hang them? Now China is financing our destruction of our stature in the world. They didn’t insist that we act as we do, but they’re copacetic to reap the benefits on several fronts.
    When the oil boys in Bartlesville get nervous about a republican from Texas, you know he’s bought himself a heap of trouble.


  7. Easy E says:

    Latest AP Poll:
    “Bush Worse Than Satan”


  8. Carroll says:

    I can’t get the files on the gov site to open….anyone else have that problem?


  9. Dan says:

    Can anyone here answer why our generation, the generation alive today is so selfish that they can’t pay for their own wars, and instead send the bill to our children!


  10. Easy E says:

    Big increases for the military, cuts for domestic programs


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