Evan Bayh Out


bayh.jpgWith $13 million in campaign funds at his disposal and this week the deadline by which other Democratic candidates must file for the Indiana Senate race, Senator Evan Bayh — who was runner up to Joe Biden to be Obama’s vice presidential running mate — is bowing out of the 2010 U.S. Senate race.
Add to this that former Senator and US Ambassador to Germany Dan Coats, who has been under strong attack in the state for lobbying and residency issues, seemed to have been slipping as a serious candidate.
This is serious stuff. Bayh, who was a likely win in Indiana, now makes the state a toss-up, if not a takeover by the Republican Party.
This could mean that Democrats could lose Biden’s seat, Obama’s former seat — and possibly even Harry Reid’s seat in addition to Bayh’s.
While I opposed Bayh’s selection for the VP ticket and find his views on US foreign policy to often be recklessly hawkish, Bayh was on most issues a deliberative, thoughtful Senator in a very purple state. Those who want to hold a Senate majority that can help give some support to a reworked Obama policy game plan should not be pleased with his departure.
— Steve Clemons


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