Don’t Ask Humpty Dumpty, Don’t Tell Palin & McCain


humptydumpty.jpgThis delightful reflection on the coming demise of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was sent in to me just now by Georgetown University professor JP Singh:

DADT sat on a wall
DADT had a great fall
and all Palin’s horses and all McCain’s men
could not put DADT back together again.

Final vote at 3 pm in the US Senate. Will Senator Joe Manchin be there?
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Don’t Ask Humpty Dumpty, Don’t Tell Palin & McCain

  1. Montana says:

    This is the third strike for the conservatives that fought to keep out of the military; African Americans, women and now Gays, what a “Bunch Of Phonies” some of them are gay too.


  2. nadine says:

    My money says Senator Manchin will show up and vote against repeal. It’s a safe vote, unlike cloture.
    Manchin won a tough race against John Raese by running to the right. He shot the Cap and Trade bill in his TV ads (literally). He has to run again in two years. Neither Rockefeller or Byrd ever faced the kind of stiff opposition he is likely to face, in a state that has never had any use for Barack Obama or the whole urban, left-wing agenda.


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