Dog Fun


And I thought it was only my weimaraner that did this!
— Steve Clemons


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  1. questions says:

    Hey nadine, OT and all, but worth it!
    This one’s for you — check out “Signalman” — seems to have the Fannie/Freddie thing down. Not all the details I’ve seen around, but a decent reading of it all in all….
    He leaves out the percentages of F and F’s involvement, but does get the starting date, leaves out the pushing of prime-qualified borrowers into subprime loans, the targeting, and doesn’t push the whole general dynamic of there being a place for the mortgages to go as a kind of vortex force (though it sort of comes up). Hits Moody’s and the general lack of bankers’ checking into the quality of the actual properties they were investing in. Doesn’t hit all the details about the basics of manias.
    But as a point by point take down of some bad Repub thinking, it’s a nice job.
    It’s a lovely set of rants by a former Republican against a current Republican.
    The structures of the arguments are really telling.
    Fact against truthiness.
    Worth a read!


  2. Kate in Michigan says:

    My late Golden Retriever, Max, had perfected the suffering whine technique when he wanted you to do something. And although Max was good at this, two of my cats have surpassed his skills. Boogie climbs all over me meowing when she wants food. She is relentless. I generally pull the covers up over my head but them she starts clawing at me from under the covers non-stop — when she reaches my face I can’t take it any more and I get up. Moose sneaks up stealthily on the bed when I am asleep, creeps over, and sticks his little pink nose up one of my nostrils. Wakes me up every time. Then he sits and stares at me with a “WELL?????” expression on his face. Needless to say, the kittsters have never lost one of these encounters.


  3. Cee says:

    When I watched this I thought about me being the dog.
    My pup had been abused and was afraid to request a thing for years.
    He was the only dog I ever owned that I would had to convince that it was okay to run around in the morning and to wake people up.


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