Doctors Clear Richard Holbrooke: Back on Petraeus Afghanistan Trip


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On Tuesday, the Washington Note conveyed the news that Af/Pak Envoy Richard Holbrooke’s doctor had grounded him pending angiogram tests and was not permitting him to travel to the Afghanistan on a well publicized trip with General David Petraeus this week.
I have learned just an hour ago that the angiogram showed the best possible results. There was no significant obstruction that required intervention.
Richard Holbrooke has been cleared to travel with General Petraeus to Afghanistan.
In fact, Holbrooke spoke to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directly and she cleared the trip.
I can also report that Holbrooke is in excellent spirits — though he seemed in excellent spirits when he presided over an all staff meeting Tuesday this week and had not yet informed his team of this potential health challenge.
So good news on the Holbrooke health front.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Doctors Clear Richard Holbrooke: Back on Petraeus Afghanistan Trip

  1. Jordan Dey says:

    Thanks for the news. Great to hear that the Ambassador is healthy, and back at it.


  2. nadine says:

    Glad to hear that Ambassador Holbrooke is well.
    But boy, what a sour expression on his face! He looks like he is about to be forced to be obsequious to some political appointee whom he considers an obnoxious and dangerous imbecile.


  3. WigWag says:

    That’s great news!
    I’m glad that Ambassador Holbrooke not only looks healthy but is healthy!
    When Hillary Clinton decides to retire, Holbrooke will make a fantastic Secretary of State.


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