Delegate Gridlock & The Myth of the Surge


I’m in Israel and Palestine through Saturday — and am finding some interesting stuff on the internet as I fight jet lag.
First of all, Slate has a fascinating Delegate Counter that allows one to go through all of the states left in the Democratic primary process and plug in assumptions about performance. It distributes the delegates — and then kicks out totals. I may be doing something wrong — but I can’t seem to get either Clinton or Obama to a win using any realistic figures on how they’ll split primary voters.
On another front, I have already held the view that the so-called “success of the surge” may be a function of Enron-like accounting and spin — and agreed with Andrew Bacevich’s recent assessment. But for a more powerful treatment of this — and a look into how we may be arming our adversaries tomorrow, read Nir Rosen’s “The Myth of the Surge” in Rolling Stone.
— Steve Clemons


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