Cruise with John Bolton, July 29 – August 5


There are only 10 cabins left — and I am soooo tempted to go on this Alaska National Review cruise. I’d be civil, of course, but would hold my ground on my views and otherwise enjoy the scenery and the celebrity of being a token independent progressive on the ship.
John Bolton is one of the recently added headliners — and I do wish him a good cruise.
A number of close friends of mine have interviewed Bolton lately, and apparently he did not read the high road, tip-of-the-hat commentary I offered him when the battle over his confirmation as US Ambassador to the UN came to a close.
I have chatted recently with one of his former staff and hear that he’s still pretty hot at this blog. It would be good to move on though — BUT a debate that pitted me making the case for enlightened American internationalism vs. John Bolton defending a more Jesse Helms-inspired pugnacious nationalism might just sell those last few cabins.
If not on the Alaska cruise — then maybe we could do something like that at one of Margaret Carlson’s galas for The Week. Just a thought. . .
— Steve Clemons


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