Cool Invitation for Super Tuesday Party from the Obamas


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I just got an invite from Barack and Michelle Obama to spend Super Tuesday primary night with them in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.
I am doing my duties as a pundit for a number of networks that night out of Washington, so I can’t go — but the public and media are invited to this first-come, first-serve event. Tickets are free — but must be requested in advance through this link.
Doors open to the public at 6 pm.
If I get invited by the Clinton, Huckabee, McCain and/or Romney camps, I’ll pass along that info too — but so far, I’ve only made the cut with the Obamas. But perhaps you have too.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Cool Invitation for Super Tuesday Party from the Obamas

  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Barack Obama said, as a justification for his refusal to support the impeachment of Bush, that he did not favor impeachment because he felt impeachment should be reserved for “grave and intentional breeches of the President’s authority”. Linda likes to tout Obama as a Constitutional scholar. Well, if Obama is a Constitutional scholar, it must mean he is willing to IGNORE the Constitution, because the only way you could think that Bush has not committed “grave and intentional breeches of the President’s authority” is by ignoring the Constitution.


  2. Robert Morrow says:

    I will guarantee you this, folks, I have more than a burr in the saddle or a thorn in the side of Hillary’s campaign. I think one of the qualifications to be president is to NOT be a sociopath like Clinton pond scum is. I am just reporting the Ugly Truth about this pair of jokers and all the people they have violated and abused for decades. I recommend my anti-Hillary web site: .
    The Clintons and probably Buddy Young sent thugs to beat up and nearly murder Gary Johnson, the neighbor of Gennifer Flowers, on 6-26-92, in order to keep a lid in Bill’s kinky affair with Gennifer. So beating up people to get ahead politically is definitely in the Clinton playbook.
    And of course there is Hillary hiring Jack Palladino to run a terror campaign of witness tampering on Kathleen Willey in 97-98; they nail gunned her car tires, stole or killed TWO of her cats Bullseye and the replacement cat Blarney (murdered 4th of July, 1998).
    So Hillary and Bill are sickos. And the above list is just a sampler of what these folks are capable of.
    Kathleen tells what Hillary’s
    Goons did to her (1997-98):
    “They threatened my children. They threatened my friend’s children. They took one of my cats [Bullseye] and killed another [Blarney]. They left a skull on my porch. They told me I was in danger. They followed me. They vandalized my car. They tried to retrieve my dogs from a kennel. They hid under my deck in the middle of the night. They subjected me to a campaign of fear and intimidation, trying to silence me.”
    [Kathleen Willey, Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, p. x]
    Jack Palladino says “The only regret that I have about that whole thing was that Hillary did not pay me in a timely fashion.” [Kathleen Willey, Target, p. 212]


  3. ... says:

    poa quote >>(And Morrow, the fact that Hillary so terrifies you and your ilk is the one factor she has going in her favor)<< ain’t that the truth!


  4. Linda says:

    I have posted this several times because I believe that Obama knows the Constitution very well and as President would act to restore the proper constitutional balance between Executive and Legislative branches. He might even go so far as to agree with Ron Paul and Mike Gravel that we should not go to war without a declaration of war from Congress–something that has not happened since 1941–lots of conflicts, wars, whatever since then–Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq to name some of the larger ones.
    Why do I think that? Laurence Tribe, perhaps the best constitutional law scholar in the country at Harvard Law School, is supporting Obama, one of his many former students. Tribe watched Obama listen to people, bring them together, and be elected head of the Harvard Law Review. While he didn’t tell anyone publicly at the time, he thought to himself, “This guy could be President someday.” When Obama taught at University of Chicago Law School,he taught constitutional law.
    I don’t think it makes good political sense to speak out a lot on this during the election–or at least not too much. We all know that the President is the Commander-in-Chief and has to be in a total emergency. Democrats have the problem of appearing weak on national security–so that will be an issue especially against McCain.


  5. jim miller says:

    I am unsure of what your reference point is regarding Mr. Bush’s executive powers and senator Obama’s view on them…I do recall an Obama comment regarding these but I am confident that he was NOT implying that he would act in accordance with Bush’s historical actions and bush’s cicumventing the constitution but i do value the discussion and would be interested in more in depth answers from all canidates regarding mr bush’s interpretations and applications of presidential/executive branch powers….
    Also I appreicate your commentary regarding Morrow being a positive for HRC—-agreed his type and style have little or no place in the landscape….


  6. TruthSeeker says:

    Steve, they invited you because they have good taste 🙂 I’m sorry you can’t go, but it’s good that you’re in demand, right?


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Gee, Steve, a pity you can’t go. I would be interested in seeing what answer Obama would give to one of your favorite questions; What powers that Bush has ceded himself that the individual candidates would be willing to give up.
    Oh, oops, I forgot, Obama doesn’t think Bush has exceded his executive authority, so he really doesn’t need to give up any of these powers, does he?
    In fact, I suppose he figures they will come in handy if that nasty ‘ol Congress tries to assert its meddlesome authority.
    (And Morrow, the fact that Hillary so terrifies you and your ilk is the one factor she has going in her favor)


  8. Robert Morrow says:

    Why just go to the party with Obama; why not get out there and canvass and make phone calls for him on Super Tuesday? Did you see the latest expose on Clinton Slime in yesterday’s NYT about Bill being pimped out by Frank Giustra to the dictator of Kazakhastan? Even by Clinton Slime standards this was spectacular:
    1) Bill gets $Millions ($31M now, $100M later)
    2) Frank Giustra gets $Billions.
    3) Kazakhstan dictator gets Bill’s Blessings.
    Hillary and Bill have been “For Sale” for 36 years.
    Check this article in the NY Times, January 31, 2008: “After Mining Deal, Financier Donated to Clinton Charity” Even by Clinton Slime standards this was sleazy. Basically Bill pimped himself out for a Canadian businessman Frank Giustra and the dictator of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Here is what everyone got:
    1) Frank Giustra got a fantastic uranium mining deal in Kazakhstan – worth $billions.
    2) The dictator of Kazakhstan got Bill giving him enthusiastic support for the dictator’s bid to head “an international organization that monitors and supports democracy.” Of course, that is a farce.
    3) The Clinton Foundation got $31M from Frank Giustra for the Clinton Foundation with a public pledge to give $100 million more.
    HOW MANY OF YOU FOLKS WANT TO VOMIT ABOUT NOW? Hillary and Bill have been “For Sale” for 36 years. Bill gets Frank Giustra a fantastic billion dollar business deal by openly supporting an iron-fisted dictator’s propaganda and fake ploy to head a human rights and supposedly pro-democracy organization. Bill gets $31 Million in cash for the Clinton Foundation and a public pledge of another $100 Million. This is the Ugly Truth about Hillary and Bill. Just another example of Lack of judgement and Clinton Slime in Action.


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