Conference on Afganistan War w/Peter Galbraith, Paul Pillar, Matthew Hoh, Tom Andrews, Hillary Mann Leverett, Others


isaf forces.jpgThe Washington Note will be live streaming a half day forum Monday morning, May 17th, focusing on the war in Afghanistan in the wake of President Karzai’s visit to DC.
The schedule follows below but some of the headliners include James K. Galbraith, Peter Galbraith, Paul Pillar, Matthew Hoh, Hillary Mann Leverett, Michael Intriligator and others. I will be speaking on the first panel as well.
For those of you interested, the meeting will be recorded and available later for viewing.
Here is the schedule — and those of you in DC are welcome to attend if you drop me an email. The session will take place in the Pavilion Room of the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center.

The New America Foundation in cooperation with Economists for Peace & Security
cordially invite you and your colleagues to an international policy forum
Monday, 17 May 2010
8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Pavilion Room, Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center
Washington, DC
RSVP directly to this email or contact Andrew Lebovich at 202-596-3429
8:30 am
Registration & Breakfast
9:00 am
Welcoming Remarks
James K. Galbraith
Chairman, Economists for Peace & Security
Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr Chair in Government/Business Relations, UT Austin/LBJ School of Public Affairs
9:10 am
Session One — Reviewing Afghanistan in a Strategic Context
Paul Pillar
Director of Graduate Studies, Center for Peace & Security Studies, Georgetown University
Former National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia
Matthew Hoh
Former Afghanistan-based official with Department of State
Former Afghanistan-based Captain, US Marine Corps
Hillary Mann Leverett
CEO, Strategic Energy & Global Analysis (STRATEGA)
Former Director for Iran, Afghanistan & Persian Gulf Affairs, National Security Council
Steve Clemons
Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation
Editor-at-Large, Talking Points Memo
Publisher, The Washington Note
The Hon. Thomas Andrews
National Director, Win Without War/New Security Action
Former Member, US House of Representatives (D-ME)
Michael Lind
Author, The American Way of Strategy
Policy Director, Economic Growth Program, New America Foundation
10:45 am
Keynote Remarks — Comments on the Afghanistan Challenge: Key Actors and Competing Agendas
The Hon. Peter Galbraith
Former Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, United Nations
Former US Ambassador to Croatia
11:30 am
Session Two — Reviewing Afghanistan in an Economic Context
Michael Intriligator
Professor of Economics and Political Science, UCLA
Vice Chairman & Director, Economists for Peace & Security
Former Director, UCLA Center for International & Strategic Affairs
Senior Fellow, Milken Institute
Miriam Pemberton
Research Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies
Winslow Wheeler
Director, Center for Defense Information/Straus Military Reform Project
Michael Lind
Author, The American Way of Strategy
Policy Director, Economic Growth Program, New America Foundation
Richard Kaufman
Director, Bethesda Research Institute
Former General Counsel, Joint Economic Committee, United States Congress
1:15 pm
RSVP Directly to

— Steve Clemons


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