Coffee House Alert: San Francisco and Tokyo


I haven’t been doing many coffee house meetings during my travels lately because my schedule has been out of control — but for those interested and in the respective corners of the world I’m going to — I can meet tomorrow (Thursday) in either San Francisco or Berkeley mid-day or early evening.
The way these things work is someone figures out a good coffee house where a small group can meet — sometimes its 2 people and sometimes 30 but usually just a handful — and we chat for an hour. I’m flexible tomorrow on time and place in San Francisco.
Then I arrive Sunday afternoon in Tokyo and will be there through Wednesday morning. I’ll be at the Okura Hotel, so any venue chosen would have to be nearby. Hope to meet some folks over there. Had a great meeting with TWN readers when last in Japan.

— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Coffee House Alert: San Francisco and Tokyo

  1. Chuck Dupree says:

    Sounds like SF people are for evenings, while Berkeley may be more afternoon-oriented?
    If it’s evening in SF, I’ll be there.


  2. Roehl says:

    I’d vote for Berkeley also. Afternoon preferred, if possible.


  3. Shannon says:

    The Beanery is also a nice cafe in Elmwood (Berkeley). Would love to meet up with you!


  4. pkoso says:

    if you do an evening in SF…be glad to know where.


  5. Ben Rosengart says:

    Hey “Elmwood”, do you think Café Roma would be better than Mudrakers?


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