Close Guantanamo


Tomorrow is the Six Year Anniversary of the first arrival of combat detainees at Guantanamo.
Early in December, I recommended that “The Guantanamo Detainee” be considered as TIME‘s person of the year because eventually the distortion of America’s system of checks and balances and rule of law — and our violation of international law will divide this nation, divide America from many in the world for generations, and have even divided many inside the Bush administration.
I wanted to note the anniversary and recommend that people familiarize themselves with the ACLU work and website dedicated to giving voice to those who are not receiving justice.
General Colin Powell and many others across the political spectrum have called for Guantanamo to be closed. It’s time that progress was benchmarked and the public informed as to why it’s not happening.
In fact, in Afghanistan at Bagram, the problem is worsening.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Close Guantanamo

  1. ... says:

    steve, thanks for this a news story.. it is a reflection of where the usa is at the moment and not a very positive statement either..


  2. Beth says:

    Here’s an illustration of President George W Bush’s gut instinct:


  3. Pernicious Pavlovian says:

    What? Where then will these United States torture it’s ‘illegal detainees’? Where will these United States hold it’s al-Qaeda farmer types? Huh? Wait I know, no one is using the United States Capitol building. That might work as a ‘detention facility’.


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