Clemons & Rachel Maddow Discuss Latest on Egypt


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Tonight, I discussed the ongoing drama in Egypt with Rachel Maddow in the clip above.
One of the issues I raised was my sense that many American analysts and the media have too easily discounted the corrosive role that Gamal Mubarak, seen by many as heir to the Hosni Mubarak franchise, is playing in the current political standoff and growing street clashes.
I mentioned Gamal’s key role as Deputy Secretary General and Chief of Policy in the National Democratic Party (NDP), from which he refuses to step down, in a piece earlier today posted at The Palestine Note.
I also believe that the NDP-commissioned thugs fighting the anti-Mubarak protesters are a clear violation of the “understanding” that Obama and Hosni Mubarak had.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


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