Chuck Hagel & David Boren to be Sworn in by VP Biden


hagel twn clemons dc.jpgThis morning, I learned in Politico that the AP’s Ron Fournier, The Atlantic‘s James Fallows, the New York Times‘ Adam Nagourney, HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, and now Politico‘s Daniel Libit all are getting as much attention from, if not more, from “news hound” Daniel Lippman, an 19-year old George Washington University student who sends “us” a frequent stream of good corrections, things we might not have seen and should in the press or opinion world, and other items about the cool parties he expects to see me at.
Lippman is amazing — and much appreciated. He really deserves the title “regular contributor” at The Washington Note as he sends so much that I use here.
One of the items Lippman brought to my attention this morning is that at 4:30 pm today, Vice President Joe Biden will administer the oath of office to former Senators Chuck Hagel and David Boren who will co-chair the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.
This swearing-in is one that I really want to attend as I am a huge fan of Hagel’s and think that the Obama/Biden team’s stock just went up a great deal by getting him on board.
But alas — closed to the press. But how about think tank friends?
Thanks again to Daniel Lippman for getting this news on top of my morning pile.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Chuck Hagel & David Boren to be Sworn in by VP Biden

  1. David says:

    While I’m at it, Chuck Hagel underwent a change of mindset when he took an honest look at reality, for which he was forced to leave the Republican machine. Lincoln Chaffee went even further, and was actually the most enlightened senator on the invasion of Iraq. Others were Graham of Florida and the good senator from
    Wisconsin, Russ Feingold.
    I happen to think we are screwed, that GWB and the Republican machine, with the help of some weak-kneed Democrats, dug a hole deeper than we can climb out of, and that we will drown in the water from the Greenland icecap when it melts, but I will still look for and support every instance of enlightenment of any kind anywhere I can find it, and by whomever.
    And if you think it is bad with Obama at the helm, think long and hard about who will be the next president if we abandon Obama. Criticize him, lay into his wrongheaded policies, do everything you can to alter the right-leaning American mindset, especially the one that thinks anyone actually won the Cold War, but abandon Obama at America’s and the world’s peril.


  2. David says:

    Hagel squeaky clean? Hardly. Hagel a good idea in the current debacle which Bush passed on? Yes.


  3. Dewey Tellit says:

    Hagel (R,ESS) is really a demrat in expensive repub 3-piece suitors, so who’s surprised by the swearing-in? Back in June, ’06, the Senate voted 44-52 to kill legislation that would have created a special committee to investigate the awarding and carrying out of contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chuck Hagel voted against oversight.
    BTW, does the honorable Hagel still own 7 figures of ESS stock? That’s just the kinda “change” Obama was promising in ’08, right?


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    Shorter Hagel: in with Diebold, and ES&S. Obama got the memo.


  5. Conrad Harteloo says:

    This poll was also mentioned on Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Sqaure program on Sunday on CNN.


  6. Azor says:

    Huge fan of Hagel’s as well and was glad to see him “on board”, though I think that in a way he was on board from the beginning. Not so glad he is not board for a more significant position.


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