Cheney Travels Far, Far Away While Libby Jury Deliberates


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Vice President Cheney sure is active on the international travel circuit all of a sudden.
First, there was a trip to Japan — allegedly to thank Japan for its support of America’s war on terror — though he did all he could to avoid actually meeting Japan’s Minister of Defense because of Defense Minister Kyuma’s candid comments that the war was wrong-headed.
Now, Cheney has made a surprise trip to Pakistan. I’m sure that Cheney’s presence in Islamabad is a huge help bolstering President Musharraf and helping shore up support for the Pakistani government and its president against growing influence of the Taliban and al Qaeda in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. Not.
And what is happening at home while Cheney is traveling?
The jury in the Scooter Libby trial continues to deliberate.
Connection? Of course.
— Steve Clemons


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