Chatting with Zogby about Obama’s Middle East Scorecard, Pat Robertson & Haiti, and Dubai


This week I chatted with Arab American Institute President James Zogby on his program Viewpoint about Pat Robertson’s hateful comments about Haitians in the aftermath of staggering tragedy.
To remind, Robertson said that Haiti was a cursed nations because Haitian slaves rebelling against their slaveholders and French control did a deal with the devil. I told Zogby that when Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was felled by a massive stroke, Pat Robertson made a similarly idiotic and offensive comment that Sharon was cursed for “dividing God’s land“. Sharon had recently ordered unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.
Zogby notes that Pat Robertson has made enormous political donations to Republican candidates over the years. Why are there few if any calls for these politicians to return the money?
We also briefly discuss President Obama’s efforts in the Middle East and my sense of Envoy George Mitchell’s poor performance. My recent visit to Dubai was on the menu too.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Chatting with Zogby about Obama’s Middle East Scorecard, Pat Robertson & Haiti, and Dubai

  1. nadine says:

    Hi Steve,
    Agreed, Pat Robertson is a moron. But at least his fanciful notions about deals with the Devil aren’t provably untrue, which is more than you can say about Obama’s idea that the Arab countries really wanted to be helpful in procuring Mideast peace, and would step forward as soon as asked. He predicated his first year’s Mideast policy upon this idea.
    Has Obama learned the First Law of Holes yet?


  2. Steve Clemons says:

    LOL POA – I have learned my lesson about Robertson and the future.
    best, steve


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Well, Steve, I suppose if I can forgive ya for allowing Judith Miller to get off the airplane alive, I can reach deep inside and forgive ya for being instrumental in allowing Robertson to reach his current over-ripe old age.
    But if you ever post that you’ve extended such courtesies or compassions to Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, or Eric Holder, you will be severely challenging my patience.


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks POA for posting that informative clip. I have to say that some times I am haunted by a memory of catching Robertson when he had tripped over an edge of carpet on a hard marble floor in Washington a few years ago. I threw out my back catching him before he smashed his head into the floor — all this at a dinner for bloggers and new media people hosted by The Week Magazine and Sir Harold Evans. Anyway, it was what it was…accidents perhaps in tripping and catching. Ugh…I hate thinking about it.
    best, steve


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