Camping at Muddy Falls: Gates, Soros, Jobs, Rappaport


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I was up recently visiting Swallow Falls State Park in Maryland — which claims to have one of the oldest unharvested spruce and hemlock forests in the region. Quite a beautiful place.

I saw this historic marker up there noting that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs had camped in August 1918 and July 1921 up at the top of the falls.
Just made me wonder what a new group of campers committed to changing the habits of the world might look like — maybe Bill Gates, George Soros, Steve Jobs, Andy Rappaport, John Doerr, Eric Schmidt?
There are probably many others who have the vision and wherewithal to shape the world, but it’s clear to me that very few of them are Senators or Congressman or Presidents or Cabinet Secretaries.
Let me take that back. To be honest, I think Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are doing constructive things in the world. The Carter Center has really made some important strides in global conflict remediation, despite Dick Cheney’s best efforts — and Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative looks increasingly like Habitat for Humanity times a thousand. Richard Nixon changed the world. So did Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower.
And George W. Bush has changed the thoroughfares of global affairs in shocking, unconstructive ways.
So, I correct myself about Presidents. That job does matter.
Just an observation.
— Steve Clemons


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