By Denying Reality, Bush is Bankrupting Us


I heard a figure that I wish I had a hard time believing — but it probably is true. According to some economists that I heard last week, George W. Bush has had $3 trillion to the national debt in only four years.
I haven’t had time to check out the data, but it sounds right to me.
Natural disasters occur. Wars occur — though they should be avoided if at all possible. But in both cases, these problems must be paid for.
Bush seems to want to avoid paying for any crisis, and this simply makes the burdens worse for all.
Not generating revenue or finding budgetary offsets to help clean up and restore New Orleans and the Gulf region only makes the denial by Bush, Chertoff, Brown and others in the early period of the Katrina debacle even more offensive to those who have suffered and died there.
— Steve Clemons