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brzezinski small.jpgAfter watching the video interview I did with Palestinian Initiative leader and former Palestinian Authority presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti on Obama’s “World Without Walls” speech, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote me a note.
He said:

steve —
that discussion with [Barghouti] is humiliating for any decent American who values human rights….

I am posting Dr. Brzezinski’s note with his permission — and also reposting the video.
More people should see this film clip that I hope animates those around Barack Obama (and John McCain) to realize that the walls that need our attention today are not the ones in our past — but in our present. And they divide Israelis and Palestinians in what is becoming an “Apartheid situation” — to quote Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Ohlmert.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian says:

    You may be interested in my Middle East Peace Plan on
    It is sui generis – the only proposal on the scene that subtly combines the best of two-states-in-one solutions.
    Yours truly
    Prof. HI Pilikian


  2. questions says:

    Book chat: Sobering Edition
    Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation, Saree Makdisi, Norton, 2008
    I just started. Very sobering.


  3. Don Bacon says:

    Closer to home, Obama has voted for a 700-mile extension of the wall between the US and its neighbor to the south. So much for a “world without walls.” Just another hypocritical speech from a principle-less presidential wannabe who intends to bring everyone together to support ongoing destructive policies.


  4. Mr.Murder says:

    Thanks for his view on the topic, steve.
    Brzez is one of the major movers in foreign policy this past century.
    He’s trying to remain within that sphere of influence.
    When he left, the Soviet empire’s fall was foregone, it was a matter of time, and how would we pick up the pieces and fast track East Europe to the new model along with Democratic movements in Russia?
    Reagan continued calling them the evil empire, while asking the IMF to loan them money so the New World Order could line up its interests in the overhaul of the cold war.
    They simply took cues from Brzez. Talk strong, carry a big covert stick.
    When the curtain came down we had what we wanted, bad blood between the Soviets and lower central Asia. An EU ready to address the eastern bloc’s emerging status. The USA set to benefit from both.
    Now GWB has looked into Pootin’s soul and our foreign policy smells of bad eggs.
    McCain’s man Eagleburger, or Obama’s man Brzez would be a return to normalcy at this time.
    New model Icons who helped set the stage for development, but with some pretty strong covert work behind it.
    Thus Brzez talks human rights, it means something stronger is at play elsewhere….
    As for TWN, your story on Iran precedes the Israeli PM’s resignation. Our market is still poised to move down in early trading, with oil prices and oil sector stocks the only night time gains for the West and for the Americas.
    Inflation has not been addressed, and our billions plus bailout of lenders has not addressed that.
    George W. Hoover’s America. Still wishing for a return to Normalcy.


  5. Steve Clemons says:

    Serge — ZB has been pounding DC hard on making the Israel/Palestine problem a top priority. He’s a complete and dedicated ally, so I think you misread him. He’s shown important and dependable leadership on this issue.
    steve clemons


  6. serge says:

    God forbid people should have a discussion and, worse still, share it with others. I condemn this new world order where people share thoughts and opinions!
    The Israel/Palestine question, situation, whatever you wish to call it, is central to pretty well everything. And can anyone tell me…what has ‘zb’ added lately to any possible solution here?
    My father was a devout Catholic, an academic in Washington (medieval philosophy, go figure); devoted in every way to a free and unencumbered Israel; whose long-time companion was a German scholar in Arabic at the same university; and who could only use the term (after apologizing first, usually to my wife), “fucking Arab.” There were no Arabs, only “fucking Arabs.”
    I think is still the mindset too often found throughout geopolitics concerning the Middle East. Why…?


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