Bob Barr’s Common Sense on Iran


This article by Bob Barr today was a breath of fresh air in the debates about Iran.
I don’t agree with all of it — but clearly this former Member of Congress grasps the reality of the situation.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Bob Barr’s Common Sense on Iran

  1. DeseDemDose says:

    I.N.N. World Report had Barr on talking about FISA and the government’s violation of it. I.N.N. also had Walt and Mearsheimer on discussing their book “The Israel Lobby & U.S. Foreign Policy”
    It appears, that despite being a 501 c 3 I.N.N. is about to have to go off the air due to lack of funds.
    Perhaps Steve and his rich friends “inside the Beltway” might contribute in order to keep this very valuable news show on the air.


  2. JohnH says:

    Like others in the foreign policy establishment, Barr fuzzes the issue: “The United States has a clear and legitimate stake in what happens in Iran.” Pray tell, what would that be? All the issues–the nuclear program, the threat to Israel, and the attack on troops in Iraq–are hugely exaggerated for the purpose of demonizing Iran and preparing the public for war. No one has the guts to expose the US’legitimate stake is, probably because, whatever it is, it is not helpful in supporting the march to war.
    So those who know what the real stakes are refuse to spell them out, preferring instead to go with the Bush administration’s false pretenses. And by doing so, they are implicitly supporting the march to war. If there was ever a time to reveal America’s hidden agenda for Iran, this is it.


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