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I have received quite a few thoughtful, sensible appeals from regular TWN readers, commenters, and emailers to turn the comments function back on.
I will do so — but only after I have time to write and draft a statement of what I believe constitutes fair and worthwhile commentary on this blog. I am too actively involved in the foreign policy issues I am concerned about to allow the comments section of the blog to become the major distraction than it has. When that happens, then the comments section is undermining my success, my activities, my focus, and my enthusiasm.
For those who genuinely care both about TWN and the issues we are struggling to understand or the situation we are attempting to improve — there needs to be more stakeholding in this effort, and more policing by all in this process. I will block or delete the comments of those who prove unconstructive. But all of you who care about this need to help me get back to what I was doing — and that is not worrying about the comments section all of the time.
So, more later — I will turn the comments section back on — but only after I write more on this subject and specify my expectations and our mutual responsibilities.
Thanks for your patience.

— Steve Clemons


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