Bin Laden Dead


bergen%20bin%20laden.jpgAfter the relentless pounding of Tora Bora caves and tunnels and hiding space by a massive American assault, US military personnel went to body after body punching a special device into the various cadavers found to do field-based testing of the DNA of the remains of those found against the held and known DNA of Osama bin Laden.
Years after, many Defense Department, CIA and other national security intelligence practitioners thought that bin Laden, who needed dialysis support, was dead, that there was no way that he could have survived all these years without surfacing or being exposed by informants.
Tonight, we now know he is dead. President Obama is about to report on this. We know very few details at the time of this writing — but we know that he was alive until a week ago, while many thought he was dead years ago.
My colleague and friend Peter Bergen, who interviewed bin Laden in 1997, will no doubt have much to say about bin Laden’s death — which does matter but which does not necessarily mean that al Qaeda affiliates and look alike outfits will give up their nefarious endeavors.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Bin Laden Dead

  1. rc says:

    So old Ossama escapes American ‘justice’ for a decade while carting round his dialysis machine; lives in a 5-star family compound in Pakistan posting off a dvd each year taunting the stalkers; is suddenly ‘discovered’ by the ISI and handed over just in time to trump the UK wedding of the decade and buy most likely some political credits from the US Overlord that is getting mighty pissed with indigenous complaints about free-range drones killing civilians and women and children!
    What, did daddy bin Laden’s check from Saudi Arabia bounce this month?
    From what I understand, no actual hard evidence he did the 9/11 thing, although he obviously enjoyed claiming it for media PR value. No day in court, and he skips the Gitmo Bay water boarding fun ride, and the Bradley Manning slow torture shuffle, and goes straight to paradise!
    So, now a dead man, most likley only months away from it anyway, goes down in the ME as a martyr.
    So, where are they going to bury the body? Back in the good old SA bin Laden family mausoleum?
    Party time across the ME and the USA — but for entirely different reasons I suspect.
    Still, no great loss: who’s going to do the annual ‘taunt the tyrant’ dvd now?


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