Miscoding Presidential Candidates on Iran


Someone forwarded me an email to take this American Public Media quiz that would select my preferred candidate based on my policy preferences. It’s a very appealing approach to abstract away personalities and nuance and purport to objectively measure candidates simply on the issues.

Senate Hearing on Cuba Shows Change



It speaks volumes about the moment United States Cuba policy is in that Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus holds a hearing and invites three strong, articulate voices for a new Cuba policy and only two of the old guard clinging to underwhelming rhetoric of Fidel the communist and constructing painful rhetorical stretches about Cuba’s…

Biden’s Approach to Pakistan — Perhaps Presidential



In discussing Pakistan on a media conference call today, Foreign Relations Chairman Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) advocated a more nuanced policy attuned to the regional contours and contemporary contingencies than the U.S. political and electoral arena will usually allow.

The Case for Restraint — and Disaggregation



Professor Barry Posen of MIT has received quite a platform in the most recent issue of The American Interest to make “The Case for Restraint” calling for a major rethink and overhaul of American grand strategy. Posen’s closing summary reads: Since the end of the Cold War 16 years ago, Bill Clinton and George W….