AP Report on the Mourning March


Ahmadinejad’s militias are beating up students and ransacking the universities. . .
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “AP Report on the Mourning March

  1. Sand says:

    OA: I’ve tried to follow up on the MEK… I remember during the Bush years Ros-Lehtinen loved these guys and said she had “a letter of support for the MEK that she said had the backing of 150 colleagues, whom she repeatedly refused to identify.”
    But, are there any signs you can direct us where these guys might have been effective? For, example was it them that were responsible for that bomb going off in Ahmadinejad southern rural office [can’t remember where it was?] — and if so, do you think it achieved much? Also, I remember hearing rumors they were basically nuts? I don’t if that meant savvy nuts or nuts nuts? Anyways, I don’t really know much about them except what the news reports have told us — do you have another angle?
    Plus, here’s where I have my doubts — after the years of Cheney gutting both the State Dept and CIA of sane people — could the US really have pulled off getting millions of Iranians in the streets?


  2. Outraged American says:

    Hey Bill R., is Megaphone paying now for you all to spread Israeli
    propaganda? Because you all Israel-Firsters are sure working
    overtime since the Iranian election.
    In fact, Israel and the U.S. are actively trying to destabilize Iran –
    – the MEK ring a bell, Bill?
    Your sarcasm won’t work on most of this crowd Bill. We know
    too much, and some of us even read, horror of all horrors, Israeli
    papers! So we get our knowledge of Israel’s sneaky attempts to
    gain regional hegemony, and its use of the U.S. as the dog to its
    tail, straight from the (insert Yiddish word for “horse” here)’s


  3. Bill R. says:

    “Ahmadinejad’s militias are beating up students and ransacking the universities. . .”
    No, not really. These are American and Israeli agents, trying to destabilize the justly elected Iranian regime, cleverly disguised as Iranian militia and paramilitaries.


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