America’s Green Trade Deficit


The Washington Note Publisher Steve Clemons is flying off to Portland, Oregon this evening to speak to the Portland Business Alliance tomorrow on the subject of America’s “Green Trade Deficit.”
Steve will be delivering a presentation based on “Green Trade Balance,” a New America Foundation/Economic Growth Program policy paper.
As New America Foundation policy analyst Sam Sherraden argues in an article for CNN Online, “Job creation for production of green technologies may occur far more outside than inside the United States. Investing in green energy will create jobs, but many of these jobs may be created elsewhere.”
After recent trips to China, Japan and Germany — not only the world’s three leading capital surplus countries but all leaders far ahead of the United States in renewable energy R&D, manufacturing and commercial and industrial deployment — Clemons is well-positioned to discuss the comparative aspects of the Obama administration’s green jobs and renewable energy policy targets.
Steve will be discussing how the United States can engineer the kinds of public-private partnerships necessary to ensure that green technologies are developed here in the United States.
The details for the event can be found here.
— Ben Katcher


One comment on “America’s Green Trade Deficit

  1. John Waring says:

    Green energy, green cars, green buildings, a modernized smart electrical grid — all these should be our highest national priorities. Plus putting our people back to work by Making Green in the USA!
    I pine for the day when just 5% of our gasoline-burning car fleet will be replaced with green propulsion. Heaven will be 50%.
    I heartily applaud this initiative of the New America Foundation.


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